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Power Supplies - Pro-Ject - Home Audio

A dedicated power supply can regulate the power to provide a clean and noise free signal to high-end equipment.

AudioLab DC Block - Direct Current Blocker


The AudioLab DC Block - Direct Current Blocker is a power conditioning device that helps "clean up" the mains power signal by removing DC that can affect the AC waveform....

Pro-Ject Power Box RS Uni TT - Turntable Power Supply


The Pro-Ject Power Box RS Uni 1-way TT significantly improves the sound quality of your turntable and was specially developed for turntables with a heavy platter. Pro-ject recommends using it...

Pro-Ject Accu Box S2 - Power Supply


The Pro-Ject Accu Box S2 is a clean accu power supply and has an incredible synergy with all Phono Boxes. Using the Accu Box S2 results in a more homogeneous and spacious...

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