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Hegel Amplifiers

Hegel are a Norweigen brand of HiFi amplifiers that have a unique design and topography. Their founder, Bent Holder designs amplifiers that try to eliminate distortion without effecting the damping factor. The SoundEngine technology was the result and this technology continues to be refined to this day. Hegel offers very musical and muscular amplifiers that we love and use everyday.

Hegel at Studio Incar

We chose to work with Hegel because of their fresh outlook on integrated amplifiers and hifi products in general. Their in-built streaming capabilities and Airplay functionality make them effortless to use for even the most technophobic. Their superb design leads to a world-class sound and their proven reliability gives us confidence and enables us to have great experiences with our clients both old and new. Hegel products, simply put, make listening to music a better experience.

We have spent our money where it matters and can offer demonstrations across the whole line upon request. We continue to be stunned by their sound as can be seen in our YouTube video series on them that you can see below.

Hegel Integrated Amplifiers

The Integrated Amplifiers from Hegel are great streaming amplifiers with bags of features and impressive technology. Their firmware updates mean you're at the cutting edge all the time.
Hegel's Integrated Amplifiers are Roon Ready and by the end of the 2022, will have AirPlay 2 compatibility. With amplifier power of 60 Watts per channel at 8 Ohms with the H95 all the way up to 301 Watts per channel at 8 Ohms with the H590.

Installation Amplifiers & CD Player

These custom Installation amplifiers are designed to be used in home entertainment systems. Available in 3, 4 & 5 Channel configurations.
The C5 is available in 3 different versions, tailored to your needs. You can choose to have it as either a 3-channel, 4-channel or 5-channel configuration. Meaning you can build a 5.1 or Atmos theater using one or more C5’s.

Pre/Power Amplifiers

Hegel offer specific Pre and Power amplifiers for those that want to experience Hegel's most advanced and powerful equipment.
Offering the highest power available in the Hegel range and using the latest technology and components make these Pre and Power Amplifiers some of the best in the industry.

Phono Stage

Hegel had long stayed away from the Vinyl sector, but when they announced the V10 we knew it was going to be something special.
The V10 is highly tunable with MM and MC cartridges and offers a very neutral and honest representation of your vinyl collection.
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