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Focal Integration IBUS21 - 8 Inch Active Under Seat Sub Enclosure


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Product Details

The Focal IBus 2.1 subwoofer has a compact aluminum chassis. It’s ultra-thin, very robust, and it offers great heat dissipation. The chassis features a flat 8" (20cm) subwoofer with a nominal power of 75W RMS. Thanks to the 2 x 55W RMS amplification, combined with an active enclosure, your audio system will benefit from deep and tight bass, as well as from a very powerful 2-way Integration car audio kit.

Compact, practical, powerful and easy to install, the IBUS 2.1 subwoofer offers numerous advantages. It is equipped with a remote control, enabling you to stay in complete control of your system at all times, as well as high-level inputs, allowing you to keep your original head unit. This is Focal’s ideal solution for giving your vehicle flawless sound quality while preserving the original aesthetics of your car interior.


  • Flat Subwoofer 20 cm (8") amplified at 75W RMS - Powerful, dynamic and tight bass
  • 2-channel amplifier 2x55W RMS - Enables amplification of 2 front speakers, and allows you to keep your original car radio
  • Low-level and high-level inputs. Connection to outputs on car radio loudspeakers or via RCA cable.
  • Compact aluminum casing - Slim, good heat dissipation, robust
  • Remote control - Keep the control

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Flat active subwoofer enclosure (20cm/8") + 2-channel amplifier
  • Subwoofer power: 150W max / 75W RMS
  • Subwoofer frequency response: 45Hz - 150Hz
  • 2-channel amplifier power: 2x110W Max / 2x55W RMS
  • 2-channel amplifier frequency response: 55Hz - 55KHz
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms (Warning: not stable under 2 Ohms, so not to be installed in parallel with a second kit)
  • Cable power: Directly from battery thanks to the power cable 5m x 3.30mm (included)
  • Signal cable: ISO Plug & Play cable: 3m (included)
  • SNR > 80dBA - THD < 0.08 %
  • Height: 71.5mm (2.8") - Length: 344mm (13.5") - Width: 250mm (9.8")

Focal Integration IBUS21 - User Manual