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Hertz Cento CPK 690 Pro - 2-Way Speaker System


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Product Details

The latest addition to the Cento PRO line is the Hertz Cento CPK 690 system equipped with an elliptical woofer to avail of the 6 x 9 door placements, which are particularly common in the North American market, such as for the models of Toyota and FORD groups.

Like the other speakers of the Cento PRO line, the woofer cone is made of pressed paper, the most suitable material to obtain a linear and controlled emission even when the woofer is driven with very high power.

All electroacoustic parameters have been optimized to obtain maximum performance with door installations; we therefore find a magnetic group and voice coil improved for an excellent power handling and a lower resonance frequency. The large emission area of the CP 690 increases the woofer efficiency and extends the response down to 35 Hz. 

The crossover made with selected components, features a low-pass filter on the woofer with a 6 dB/oct. slope and 12 dB/oct. on the tweeter with three levels of attenuation.

The Hertz Cento CPK 690 is dedicated to the enthusiast who wants a front row seat at their favourite concert while sitting comfortably behind the steering wheel.


CP 25 Tweeter:

  • Soft Tetolon® fiber 29 mm (1.14 in.) dome and 25 mm (1 in.) voice coil cooled with ferrofluid, for a natural and yet detailed reproduction of musical nuances.
  • “Center Tuning Duct” geometry, for a lower resonance frequency and reduced harmonic distortion.
  • Neodymium magnet with high-density magnetic flux, optimized for maximum control during high-energy dynamic transients in the mid-high frequency range.
  • Rear chamber filled with damping material selected and sized for low resonance, ensuring a natural medium range and low crossover frequency with the woofer.
  • Faceplate geometry optimized with FEM (Finite Element Modeling) technique for a linear frequency response in off-axis installations.
  • Wide range of accessories, for easy integration in OEM placements.

CP 690 Woofer:

  • Pressed-paper cone with FEM-optimized geometry, it combines rigidity and lightness for a color-free sound.
  • 30 mm (1.2 in.) double layer voice coil sized to maximize fhigh excursion and power handling.
  • High-density flux ferrite magnet combined with low-carbon polar plates for reduced distortion at high power levels.
  • Compact and transparent three-spoke basket, acoustically combined with a rubber magnet cover for total damping of spurious vibrations.

CPCX 690 Crossover:

  • Tweeter level adjustable via a three-position switch (-2, 0, +2 dB) for an optimal tonal balance that can be customized by the user
  • Crossover frequency at 3.1 kHz, with a 12 dB/Oct. and 6dB slope for the woofer, which enhances the reconstruction of the virtual stage in the car compartment.
  • 160 V metallic finish capacitors with high quality polyester film featuring an ultra low DF value and low resistance pure copper inductances, for maximum sound transparency and clear high frequencies.
  • Compact design with metallic finish to the benefit of the ease of installation, with air vents for efficient heat dissipation.

Technical Specifications



Tweeter diaphragm


mm (in.)

mm (in.)


6 x 9

29 (1.14)

Voice Coil Ø




mm (in.)

mm (in.)


30.5 (1.2)

25 (1)

Power Handling

W peak

W continuous



Impedance Ω 4
Frequency Response Hz 35 ÷ 22.5k
Crossover Type - Cut off 2 Way LP 6 dB / Oct. - HP 12 dB / Oct.
Adjustment Tweeter Level +2 dB /0 / -2 dB

Weight of one component





kg (lb)

kg (lb)

kg (lb)


1.69 (3.73)

0.07 (0.15)

0.2 (0.44)

Further Information

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