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Ex Demo / Open Box / 2nd Hand / Clearance Items

Like most HiFi stores, we have a collection of demonstration equipment, used equipment or open-box items. All our products are tested and cleaned, so we can guarantee you'll get a great bargain.

Dynaudio Contour 20i Grey Oak - Standmount Speakers - Ex-Demo

£4,500.00 £3,200.00

Everything inside the Dynaudio Contour 20i has been taken apart, re-designed, refined and reassembled. Expect more openness, more punch and more detail. Feel the goosebumps appear as you hear previously...

Dynaudio Contour 60 White Oak - Floorstanding Speakers - Used

£7,999.00 £3,999.00

The big one: commanding, clear-cut, absolute. If you have a bigger listening room – or if you just like to play it loud – the Contour 60, with its unique...

Auralic Altair G2.1 - Digital Audio Streamer - Ex Demo

£5,299.00 £3,250.00

The Auralic ALTAIR G2.1 is an all-encompassing digital and analog source component, providing abundant capabilities to the performance-oriented G2.1 Series. Combining every function available from AURALiC into the ultra-quiet G2.1...

Naim NAIT XS 3 - Integrated Amplifier - Trade-In

£2,499.00 £1,699.00

The Naim NAIT XS 3 delivers outstanding audio performance and sound quality in a minimalistic and elegant design. Its advanced features and high-quality components ensure excellent clarity and detail, making...

Peachtree Audio D5 - Standmount Speakers - Ex Demo

£599.00 £300.00

The Peachtree Audio D5 is a bookshelf speaker engineered for larger spaces, the D5 will reach authoritatively down to 50 Hz - a level of bass reproduction unheard of in...

Peachtree GaN400 + preDAC - Ex Demo

£4,799.00 £2,500.00

With the release of the Peachtree GaN400 - Power Amplifier we are offering a bundle pack deal with the Peachtree preDAC and GaN400 Amplifier in the Limited Ash Colour. Peachtree...

Hegel HD30 DAC - Digital to Analogue Converter - Used

£3,200.00 £1,599.00

The Hegel HD30 is the ultimate digital control center. It does everything you can dream of and does so with world-class quality. There is an abundance of inputs, ranging from...

Akai AM-73 Digital Integrated Amplifier - Used


A late 80's model of the AKAI AM-73 Digital Integrated Amplifier. The AM-73 only slightly differs from the M-93 which was the top model. This has only MM RIAA input...

Q Acoustics M20 - Active Speakers - Ex Demo

£439.00 £299.00

Whether listening to music, watching TV or movies or gaming, the Q Acoustics M20’s advanced driver technology is designed to produce low-distortion, accurate but highly immersive stereo sound. Powered by...

Pro-Ject X2 - White Turntable with Ortofon 2M Silver - Used

£1,199.00 £650.00

We want the X2 to lift the incredibly high standards, as set by its smaller brother the X1, to new limits. The X2 is made for those who take great...

AudioLab 6000A Play Silver - Streaming Integrated Amplifier - Ex-Demo

£849.00 £500.00

The Audiolab 6000A Play - Streaming Integrated Amplifier is a richly specified, all-encompassing audio solution. Adapting to the modern world of music streaming but retaining all of the awarding-winning analogue...

Ortofon Cadenza Black Moving Coil - Turntable Cartridge - Ex Demo


The Ortofon Cadenza Black Moving Coil Cartridge is optimised for amazing tonal neutrality, dynamics and purity of sound. The Cadenza Black model uses a Nude Shibata stylus with a boron cantilever. The...

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