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HiFi Rose - Network Streaming Amplifiers

Focused on modernising HiFi with Android based user interfaces and touch screen technology with high-end DACs and Amplifier components.

HiFi Rose RS520 - All-in-One Network Streamer


The HiFi ROSE RS520 is a true all-in-one product with each section finely-tuned to deliver a performance that rivals many separate based systems. Even when matched with larger or less sensistive...

HiFi Rose RA180 - Integrated Amplifier


The HiFi Rose RA180 is a state-of-the-art Integrated Amplifier using the latest innovative technologies. The RA180's Power damping and dead times we're reduced to 1/10 or less. Linearity was dramatically...

HiFi Rose RS250A - Network Streamer / DAC and Pre-Amplifier


The HiFi Rose RS250A Streamer / DAC with built-in high performance DAC (ES9028PRO) and Discrete OP AMPS provides the best of wide bandwith, separation and audio clarity. The wide LCD...

HiFi Rose RSA780 - CD Transport


The HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Transport is a premium quality CD drive designed to allow first-class CD playback and ripping with HiFi Rose products. It is also compatible with other...

HiFi Rose RS150 - Network Streamer / DAC and Pre-Amplifier


The HiFi Rose RS150 is a high-end Network Streamer / DAC and Pre-amplifier. It has an elegant and sturdy aluminium construction and utilises a state-of-the-art DAC from Asahi Kasei and...

HiFi Rose RS201E - All-in-One Network Streamer


The HiFi Rose RS201E - Hifi Network Media Player is the ultimate music streamer / amplifier with an onboard DAC. The desk-friendly footprint and features offered from the RS201 E...

HiFi Rose RS250 - Network Streamer / DAC and Pre-Amplifier


The HiFi Rose RS250 Network Streamer with DAC and Pre-Amp is a great piece of equipment for the audiophile. The Rose RS250's focal point is its high-performance DAC. The wide...

HiFi Rose RS130 - Network Streaming Transport


The HiFi Rose RS130 is the ultimate network streaming transport. This is a flagship device suited to any audiophile looking for the best possible way to get a whole world...

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