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HiFi Pre-Amplifiers

HiFi Pre-Amplifiers are a crucial part of the hifi eco-system. They are responsible for amplifying the original analogue or digital signal to a line level. They also shape the sound somewhat by removing distortion and sometimes allowing you to apply equalisation. Pre-Amplifiers are sometimes combined with DACs and streaming units.

Hegel P30A - Reference Pre-Amplifier


The Hegel P30A preamplifier replaces the P30 reference amplifier that has been on the market since 2011. The Hegel P30A has been given the nickname of "The Conductor".  It is...

HiFi Rose RS250A - Network Streamer / DAC and Pre-Amplifier


The HiFi Rose RS250A Streamer / DAC with built-in high performance DAC (ES9028PRO) and Discrete OP AMPS provides the best of wide bandwith, separation and audio clarity. The wide LCD...

iFi NEO Stream - Streamer / DAC and Pre-Amplifier


iFi use propriertary technology that they claim, makes the NEO Stream, a distinctly different streamer. A big selling point for the Neo Stream compared to the competition is that there...

HiFi Rose RS150 - Network Streamer / DAC and Pre-Amplifier


The HiFi Rose RS150 is a high-end Network Streamer / DAC and Pre-amplifier. It has an elegant and sturdy aluminium construction and utilises a state-of-the-art DAC from Asahi Kasei and...

iFi NEO iDSD Streamer / DAC - Performance Bundle


The iFi NEO iDSD Performance Bundle is a new 3-in-one DAC/amp/headphone amp. With balanced ‘PureWave’ circuitry, unbeatable hi-res Bluetooth5.1 and MQA, the NEO iDSD is the ultimate in hi-res playback....

Luxman CL-38uC - Pre Amplifier


The Luxman CL-38uC pre-amplifier uses SRPP (Shunt Regulated Push Pull) circuitry for all stages to achieve the highest sound quality possible. A genuine phono equaliser is included, the MC-low and...

Hegel P30A / H30A - Pre / Power Amplifier Combo


The new Hegel H30A and P30A power and pre amplifier combination is the culmination of Hegel's research and development and product experience from over the last 15 years. The new...

iFi Pro iDSD Signature - Streamer | DAC | Pre-Amp


The iFi Pro iDSD Signature is iFi's new flagship reference class DAC / Streamer / Pre-Amp. The Signature edition builds on the strengths of the original, multi-award winning Pro iDSD.It...

iFi Pro iCAN Signature - Headphone Amp / Pre-Amp


The iFi Pro iCAN Signature headphone and pre-am is iFi's new upgraded edition of the original Pro iCAN.The Signature edition builds on the strengths of the Pro iCAN and features...

Pro-Ject Pre Box RS2 Digital - DAC / Pre-Amp / Headphone Amp


The Pro-Ject Pre Box RS2 Digital is the bigger brother of the award winning and ground breaking Pre Box S2 Digital. It uses the same excellent sounding DAC chips as...

Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Analogue - Stereo Line Pre-Amp


The Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Analogue features three line level inputs, two pairs of RCA sockets as well as one separate 3.5 millimeter input. Three individual analogue signals can be...

HiFi Rose RS250 - Network Streamer / DAC and Pre-Amplifier


The HiFi Rose RS250 Network Streamer with DAC and Pre-Amp is a great piece of equipment for the audiophile. The Rose RS250's focal point is its high-performance DAC. The wide...

Hegel P20 - Preamplifier


The Hegel P20 Preamplifier is Hegel's entry-level preamplifier and offers an affordable route into Hegel's Reference products. Designing the P20 was not a task that was taken lightly. Many of...

Hegel P30 - Preamplifier


The Hegel P30 Preamplifier is a confident contender in the race towards being the best pre amplifier in the world. Pre amplifiers are one of the most difficult audio components...

Luxman C-10X - Control Amplifier


The Luxman C-10X Control Amplifier is equipped with Luxman's new LIFES (Luxman Integrated Feedback Engine System) amplifier feedback engine and the latest version of the original electronically controlled attenuator, LECUA-EX...

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