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Amphion Speakers - Desktop | Bookshelf | Floorstanding

Amphion design and build loudspeakers that are characterised by their honest and accurate sound reproduction. Precise driver integration ensures world-class imaging and phase coherency. All of Amphion's speakers are handmade in Finland.

Amphion Argon3S - Bookshelf Speakers

£2,650.00 £2,850.00

The Amphion Argon3S - Bookshelf Speakers bring to the home audio environment the same technologies which allow sound engineers and artists to “see” deeper into their recordings. Studio monitoring technologies are...

Amphion Argon1 - Bookshelf Speakers

£1,400.00 £1,500.00

Thanks to the Amphion Argon1 - Bookshelf Speakers you can experience truthful and complete sound representation typically associated with much larger home speakers. The strengths of the Argon1 loudspeakers are...

Amphion Argon 7LS - Floorstanding Speakers

£5,100.00 £5,300.00

The Amphion Argon7LS - Florstanding Speakers use a passive radiator design which is also present in all Amphion studio monitors as well as Argon3S and Argon3LS home audio loudspeakers. Passive...

Amphion Argon 3LS - Floorstanding Speakers

£3,300.00 £3,700.00

The Amphion Argon3LS - Floorstanding Speakers integrate real studio technology, possessing all the virtues and qualities of Amphion’s studio monitors. Such as spacious 3D imaging, extreme detail, wide sweet spot,...

Amphion Argon 5C - Centre Speaker

£1,300.00 £1,400.00

The Amphion Argon5C center speaker concept is based on the professional Two15 studio monitors known for presenting dynamic and transient content in extreme resolution. The advanced acoustic design, high-quality drivers and...

Amphion Argon0 - Desktop Loudspeakers


The Amphion Argon0 Desktop Speaker uses premium design and components. The only modest thing about it is its looks. The Argon0 home audio speaker is the smaller brother of the Argon1. Application...

Amphion Helium 410 - Desktop Loudspeakers


The Amphion Helium410 - Desktop Loudspeakers are for people looking for small and discrete speakers to use in their home. The Helium410 loudspeakers fit any home environment, both audio-wise and...

Amphion Helium 510 - Bookshelf Speakers

£1,150.00 £1,250.00

The Amphion Helium510 - Bookshelf Loudspeakers are a great value solution for any home audio environment. These highly versatile speakers fit perfectly as a 2-channel setup for listening to music, or watching...

Amphion Helium 520 - Floorstanding Speakers

£2,650.00 £2,850.00

The Amphion Helium520 - Floorstanding Speakers are an optimum price vs quality solution for any home environment. The Helium520 speakers are known for their honest but still forgiving sound, revealing fine...

Amphion Krypton3X - Floorstanding Speakers

£17,600.00 £18,600.00

The new and updated Amphion Krypton3X is a reference project 25 years in the making. This innovative and unique three-way reference loudspeaker allows you to enjoy full range, realistic orchestral...

Amphion Helium 520C - Centre Speaker

£850.00 £900.00

The Amphion Helium 520C - Centre Speaker offers high resolution, clarity, and neutrality, and still provides a profound sonic impact. Midrange resolution and purity are especially important for the center...

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