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Cyrus Audio

Cyrus Audio is an internationally acclaimed, high-end audio brand based in Cambridgeshire, England. Cyrus is proud to be one of the few remaining independent British brands.

Cyrus CDi - Integrated CD Player


The Cyrus CDi is an integrated CD player from the Classic series, using the award winning Servo Evolution CD engine. Everything from the power stage through to the analogue output...

Cyrus CDi-XR - Integrated CD Player


The Cyrus CDi XR was designed as a reference integrated CD player, building upon the legacy of the multi award winning CDi. Housed within Cyrus' iconic half-width chassis, the CDi-XR...

Cyrus CDt - CD Transport


The Cyrus CDt is a ‘transport-only’ version of Cyrus' multi-award winning CDi. If you’re looking for a player as part of a Cyrus system, to plug into the Classic AMP...

Cyrus CDt-XR - CD Transport


The Cyrus CDt-XR CD transport, brings together years of development and building upon the legacy of Cyrus' multi award winning CD players. Housed within their iconic half-width chassis, listeners of...

Cyrus Classic AMP - Integrated Amplifier


The Cyrus Classic AMP is the latest update to an integrated amplifier that has been part of the Cyrus product range for over a decade. This integrated amplifier provides a...

Cyrus Classic PHONO - Phono Pre-Amplifier


The Cyrus Classic PHONO is designed to exceed the expectations of the most serious vinyl audiophiles, particularly in areas such as outright musical performance, accurate cartridge matching and flexibility of...

Cyrus Classic POWER - Power Amplifier


The Cyrus Classic POWER is the latest power amplifier from Cyrus, designed for the new Classic series. Cyrus's objective was to create a significant step up in performance from previous...

Cyrus Classic PRE - Pre-Amplifier


The Cyrus Classic PRE is the latest update to a preamplifier that has been part of the Cyrus product range for over a decade. This preamplifier provides a significant step...

Cyrus Classic STREAM - Network Streaming DAC


The Cyrus Classic STREAM is a network streaming DAC that perfectly complements the Classic series, providing loyal owners of classic products the opportunity to add a high performing streamer to...

Cyrus i9 XR - Integrated Amplifier


The Cyrus i9-XR is the leading integrated amplifier in the Cyrus range and provides 2 x 98W into 6Ω. With both analogue and digital inputs, the i9-XR really is the...

Cyrus Power-XR - Power Amplifier


The Cyrus Power-XR is the latest and best performing stereo power amplifier currently available from Cyrus. Being a part of the high-end XR series, it offers uncompromising performance, and due...

Cyrus Pre-XR - Pre-Amplifier


The Cyrus Pre-XR has taken the performance of Cyrus preamplifiers to the next level. Comparing it to their existing DAC XP Signature, they have increased the dynamic range to 110db,...

Cyrus PSU-XR - Power Supply


The Cyrus PSU-XR Power Supply introduces a brand-new approach to providing clean and stable power for your compatible Cyrus XR host product. Incorporating its own on-board micro-processor, the PSU-XR communicates...

Cyrus PSX-R2 - Power Supply


The Cyrus PSX-R2 is an external power supply, which is designed to work with certain products from Cyrus' core hi-fi separates range – namely those products where the circuits have...

Cyrus Stream-XR - Network Streaming DAC


The Cyrus Stream-XR is a feature-rich network streaming DAC that complements the high-end XR series, offering uncompromising sound quality. Compared to the Classic STREAM, it comes with a high-resolution display,...

Cyrus TTP - Turntable

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The Cyrus TTP Turntable is the perfect complement to Cyrus' award-winning Classic PHONO preamplifier, unless Moving Magnet is your choice of cartridge, and then any of the Cyrus Classic or...

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