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DIN Cables

DIN Cables were nearly the standard connecting cable for analogue audio equipment back in the day before simpler cables like rca's were being made. Today, DIN cables tend to be higher-end and even proprietary to certain manufacturers.

Chord Signature Tuned ARAY Analogue DIN Cable


The original Signature interconnect was designed as an RCA cable, and was impossible to terminate with a DIN connection. That didn’t stop people using the Signature with DIN/RCA adaptors. So...

Chord Shawline Analogue DIN Cables


There are many upgrade paths for Naim Audio owners but The Shawline DIN cables have to be for any music lover, one of the most cost effective and musically profound...

Chord Clearway Analogue DIN Cable

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Just like the Clearway RCA the Clearway DIN cables use the same ARAY conductor configuration to produce DIN to DIN and DIN to RCA cables that carry a musical signal...

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