Chord Shawline Analogue DIN Cable

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Length: 1 Metre

  • 1 Metre

Connection Type: 5DIN to 2RCA

  • 5DIN to 2RCA
  • 2RCA to 5DIN
  • 5DIN to 5DIN
  • 4DIN to 4DIN (Snake 4)
  • 5DIN to 5DIN (Snake 5)
  • 4DIN to 1XLR (NAP250)
  • 4DIN to 1XLR (NAP300/500)
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Product Details

There are many upgrade paths for Naim Audio owners but The Shawline DIN cables have to be for any music lover, one of the most cost effective and musically profound steps forward you can make.

The biggest response to the Tuned/Super ARAY debut cables came from Naim Audio owners. The musical transparency, coherent signal transfer, extraordinary reduction of interference and the consequent drop of the noise floor allowed Naim Audio owners to hear just how good their systems could be. While the Signature and Sarum DIN versions worked wonders with all levels of Naim Audio systems, expecting someone to spend more than the cost of their amplifier on a cable, regardless of how good it sounded wasn’t (with the odd exception) going to happen – which is where the Shawline Analogue DIN comes in.

Shawline Analogue DIN (like all Tuned ARAY cables) requires a high degree of precision that can only be achieved with painstaking hand assembly. The Shawline is built from FEP insulated, silver-plated conductors and uses a composite shielding material that works over a wide bandwidth and also reduces mechanical noise.

Shawline Analogue DIN is available in DIN to DIN, RCA to DIN and XLR to DIN (SNAIC) configurations. All feature the unique Tuned ARAY technology and all can enhance the performance of the mid range Naim Audio amplifiers, players and digital devices in the same way Sarum and Signature can for the bigger systems.

Chord Company Shawline DIN cables can be supplied with either 4 pin or 5 pin silver-plated DIN plugs in push-fit metal, plastic (Quad) or Preh locking ring (Naim Audio) variants.

Longer lengths can be supplied upon request, so please contact us.


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