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Luxman - HiFi Amplifiers and Electronics

Known to be one of the oldest consumer electronics companies in the world, Luxman have stayed true to their original design philosophy. Luxman have continued with a certain aesthetic that is unmistakably them and their continued use of valves have pushed them into a niche in which they are a certainly one of the market leaders.

Luxman L-505uXII - Integrated Amplifier


The Luxman L-505uXII integrated amplifier is the successor to the popular L-505uX that has been at the forefront of pre-amplifier design since it's launch in 2011. Utilising an abundance of...

Luxman L-507Z - Integrated Amplifier


The Luxman L-507Z integrated amplifier is the debut model heralding Luxman's new generation of amplifier products. Featuring their newly developed LIFES amplification feedback engine, we look towards the future of...

Luxman CL-38uC - Pre Amplifier


The Luxman CL-38uC pre-amplifier uses SRPP (Shunt Regulated Push Pull) circuitry for all stages to achieve the highest sound quality possible. A genuine phono equaliser is included, the MC-low and...

Luxman M-10X - Power Amplifier


Looking ahead to Luxman's 100th anniversary in 2025, they have returned to the fundamentals of music playback and have finally achieved a Luxman milestone. While still looking toward the future, Luxman present...

Luxman D-03X - CD Player


The new Luman D-03X cd player combines traditional red-book CD playback with an advanced hi-res DAC circuit featuring MQA full decoding. Of crucial importance, the D-03X inherits the philosophy and...

Luxman SQ-N150 - Valve Integrated Amplifier


Part of Luxman’s NeoClassico II Series, the SQ-N150 is the latest heir to that proud tradition, delivering music reproduction of exceptional warmth and clarity. Meticulous Valve Engineering You’ll enjoy surpassingly...

Luxman PD-151 MKII - Turntable

£4,999.00 £6,499.00

The Luxman PD-151 MKII turntable has arrived as a new benchmark for belt-drive integrated analog players. We deliver genuine analog vinyl playback excellence, inviting the listener into a world different...

Luxman D-10X - CD Player


The Luxman D-10X CD player builds on the heritage of the acclaimed D-08u, adding more playback capabilities, the latest conversion technology, a robustly reinforced mechanism and a refined analog output...

Luxman D-380 - Valve CD Player


The Luxman D-380 is a digital CD player that can also play music through the valve output and which bears the number ‘38’ – a number synonymous with the golden era...

Luxman D-N150 - CD Player


The Luxman D-N150 CD player combines uncompromising audiophile design with exceptional flexibility. The D-N150 includes a 5mm thick aluminium chassis and internal parts selected through exhaustive listening tests. Flexibility takes the form...

Luxman E-250 - Phono Amplifier


The Luxman E-250 is the latest phono amplifier from Luxman, inheriting the best in design from its predecessor the E-200 that has been the reference model for compact phono equaliser...

Luxman LMC-5 - Turntable Cartridge


Luxman’s latest phono cartridge is the LMC-5. After 40 years’ experience, their aim was to design it to have sensitivity to all the musical information pressed on a record. The...

Luxman LX-380 - Valve Integrated Amplifier


The Luxman LX-380 valve integrated amplifier represents a new era in golden ‘38’ series valve integrated amplifiers from Luxman. Providing an exceptionally deep resonance of sound sources of various ages and...

Luxman MQ-88uC - Valve Power Amplifier


The Luxman MQ-88uC valve power amplifier has an elegant dark brown finish, realising a modern classical appearance reminiscent of Luxman's finest legacy products. This model’s improved clarity and warm, accurate...

Luxman D-07X - CD Player


Many of the audio formats available today are undergoing a transformational period. By providing digital circuitry that supports advanced, high resolution file formats and the latest DAC environment, the Luxman D-07X...

Luxman L-509Z - Integrated Amplifier


As the premium model for the new Z-Series generation, the Luxman L-509Z has evolved beyond the concept of a traditional integrated amplifier. Both the preamplifier and power amplifier sections simultaneously...

Luxman PD-191A - Turntable

£10,999.00 £12,499.00

The Luxman PD-191A turntable is a superb player capable of delivering the excellence of vinyl recordings playback experiences. Luxman's newly developed, original tonearm, with extremely high initial sensitivity, uses a...

Luxman C-10X - Control Amplifier


The Luxman C-10X Control Amplifier is equipped with Luxman's new LIFES (Luxman Integrated Feedback Engine System) amplifier feedback engine and the latest version of the original electronically controlled attenuator, LECUA-EX...

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