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Demonstration Facilities

Possibly the most important part of your HIFI purchase is to gain experience with the equipment you are interested in. We would encourage you never to buy something based on third-party recommendations, you should always be in a position to try out your potential purchase from your own shortlist of equipment. For this reason, we have procedures in place, listed below, to make things as realistic and as comfortable as possible for you, the end listener.

Any of the following options can be arranged via the provided contact form at the bottom of this page, via email to us at or by phone on 01489 578951

In-store Demonstration

Our first stop to building a relationship with you would always be to come in and meet us. Our open-plan listening area is acoustically treated for a more room-like end sound. Here you can demonstrate many pieces of equipment back to back comparing the signature of each piece of equipment irrelevant to the room.

We set up the kit in question and leave you to spin, stream or put records on at your own pace, if you have a question shout one of us and we'll answer it. Our demonstrations are appointment based so we can prepare for you with no time limit on your listening session. These sessions are completely free of charge and come with no obligation.
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Home Loan (Hands-Off)

Whilst we love the sound of our listening area, there is nothing like hearing your chosen equipment in your own space. Experiencing your chosen equipment in your own room is important, equally important is using the equipment within your system and hearing/seeing if your chosen product has synergy with your existing equipment. We offer a home loan service where you purchase your chosen equipment from us and have a 14-day trial period with said product.

This is usually enough time to decide whether your chosen kit is right for you, your room and your system. Once this period is complete we will have the item collected. If the item is a demo unit (ie, not new) we will issue a new unit from stock or if you decide not to go ahead we will simply refund your initial payment.

Home Demonstration (Hands-On)

You get it, we've explained it enough, It's extremely important to hear new potential upgrades in your own personal environment. However, this option is slightly different. On selected kit we offer staff-assisted set-up/demonstration. Due to the size/cost/technicalities of some equipment, it can be tricky for you to have important home demonstration time. As equipment evolves there are also elements of set-up and calibration you may need a trained member of staff to help get off the ground with.

We're geared up for this and we'll make the decision together as to whether this operation is required at the time. This type of demonstration still requires a commitment deposit, a member of staff will visit with your equipment and leave once set up.

Long-distance Home Demonstration - This works exactly like step 3, infact, it's a caveat to step 3. Long-distance (250 miles +) home demonstration that requires a staff member must have a minimum product cost in order for us to swallow the costs of logistics. We will inform you as to whether the suggestion is feasible at the time. 
Tell us which product/s you would like to demo at home and whether you would require us to install them for you.
Pay the security deposit of 90% of the total product value. Our team will then arrange delivery or a date for the items to be installed by us.
Once delivered, you have up to 14 days to demo the equipment. When you've finished, email us and we will arrange a collection at your convenience.
If you decide not to go ahead, we will refund your deposit. If you decide to go ahead we will charge the remaining 10% and send a new unit if required.
Home Install Contour i
Home Install Rose RA180

Part Exchange

We offer part-ex on a lot of products, inquire with us and let us know what you would like to do, this will give us the best indication as to whether we can offer the deal you would like. In this instance, we take in your proposed kit for inspection and remove whatever cost from the RRP of the product you're looking to receive in part exchange, simple!

Booking Form for Demonstration

Buying From Ourselves

Click to Buy - If there is a price displayed on the website with an option to buy then feel free to order, in some cases we may need to order stock, in most cases we can arrange withing 24-48 hrs but in all cases we will be in touch to help manage the logisitcs of your order.

Reserve Now - A lot of our products are specialist and require a little more care than the standard shipping procedure. In this case, if the website displays a "Reserve now" button you can click through to purchase from us, however, these products are not what is classed as a "click to buy" product and require professional personal management. Your payment reserves the product for you and will require a member of staff to hand deliver or if possible yourself to collect in-store. In either case we will be in touch to discuss logistics.

Transfer/Card/Cash on collection - If there is something in store you would like to listen to and potentially buy, we can take payment in many ways. Just drop us a message or call beforehand to ensure a time we can tend to you and to check the stock of a particular product. This can usually be managed on the same day and you can walk away with your new kit.

Opening times - *Appointment only*
  • 9am - 5:30pm Weekdays
  • 9:30am - 2pm Saturdays
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