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Hi-Fi Speaker Cables

High-End Hi-Fi Speaker Cables available in a range of terminations and cable lengths.

Chord Clearway Speaker Cable

£20.00 £356.00

Delivering performance at a good price. Chord Company Clearway speaker cable has won WHAT HIFI? Best Speaker Cable award 2015, 2016 and 2017.  It uses a clever combination of materials...

Chord Epic XL Twin Speaker Cable

£600.00 £2,138.00

Epic XL combines elements of the Epic and Signature Reference/XL speaker cables. A specially chosen soft PVC internal jacket is added to correctly space the shielding and minimise mechanical noise....

Chord EpicX Speaker Cable

£100.00 £758.00

EpicX (prev Epic/Epic Twin) has been part of the Chord speaker cable range for many years – it’s a shielded cable that works with pretty much every style of speaker. ...

Chord Leyline Speaker Cable with Termination Options

£6.00 £271.00

Chord Leyline speaker cable came into being during the first wave of home A/V set-ups. Amplifiers for all rooms were often fitted in one place. This meant long (and sometimes...

Chord Odyssey X Speaker Cable with Termination Options

£60.00 £406.00

Chord Odyssey X uses the same materials as Rumour X. Odyssey’s heavier gauge conductors bring so much more detail and dynamics to a system, along with a degree of control...

Chord Rumour X Speaker Cable with Termination Options

£36.00 £346.00

What Hi-Fi? Awards 2019 Best Buy. The prime choice for any high-spec’ sound/vision installation. High performance technology with discreet proportions. Tried, tested and recommended by audio manufacturers, custom installers and...

Chord Sarsen Speaker Cable with Termination Options

£16.00 £296.00

Speaker cables need to carry as much information as possible and critically, they need to carry dynamic information – particularly the micro-dynamic detail that sets the rhythm and structure of...

Chord Shawline X Speaker Cable

£60.00 £558.00

Shawline X speaker cable is based around Chord Rumour (now known as Rumour X) – a favourite for 20+ years.  The conductors are silver-plated, insulated with XLPE and arranged in...

Chord Signature XL Speaker Cable

£600.00 £3,100.00

Signature XL is the latest version of one of Chord's longest running products. The original Signature was their first high-frequency shielded speaker cable (2004) and marked a massive leap in...

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