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Hi-Fi Amplifiers - Integrated, Power and Pre Amplifiers

Integrated or Dedicated Power and Pre Amplifiers to deliver pure audio signal to your speakers of choice.

Hegel P20 - Preamplifier


The Hegel P20 Preamplifier is Hegel's entry-level preamplifier and offers an affordable route into Hegel's Reference products. Designing the P20 was not a task that was taken lightly. Many of...

Peachtree Audio GaN400 - Power Amplifier


The Peachtree GaN400 represents a next step in the evolution of power amplifier design and manufacturing. It has exceptionally accurate waveform reproduction, amazing power and control, low global negative feedback and...

Hegel H190 - Stereo Integrated Amplifier


The Hegel H190 Integrated Stereo Amplifier has DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) streaming capabilities that can play music from any streaming platform including Apple AirPlay. With configurable inputs, a high-end...

Hegel H120 - Stereo Integrated Amplifier


The Hegel H120 Integrated Stereo Amplifier is a small step up from other entry level amplifiers in terms of price, but it is a solid step up in features and...

HiFi Rose RS150 - Network Streamer / DAC and Pre-Amplifier


The HiFi Rose RS150 is a high-end Network Streamer / DAC and Pre-amplifier. It has an elegant and sturdy aluminium construction and utilises a state-of-the-art DAC from Asahi Kasei and...

HiFi Rose RS201E - HiFi Network Media Player


The HiFi Rose RS201E - Hifi Network Media Player is the ultimate music streamer / amplifier with onboard DAC. With a desk-friendly footprint, the features offered from the RS201 E...

Pro-Ject Pre Box DS2 Digital - Amplifier


The advanced Pro-Ject Pre Box DS2 Digital is an universal and very flexible pre-amplifier and D/A converter of highest class. The built in D/A converter AK4490, from high end manufacturer...

Pro-Ject Pre Box DS2 Analogue - Stereo Amplifier

£479.00 £539.00

The heart of the Pro-Ject Pre Box DS2 analogue is a pure Class-A output, an absolute high end solution. A new circuit design and a newly developed relais controled volume...

Pro-Ject Amp Box DS2 Mono - Power Amplifier


The Pro-Ject Amp Box DS2 Mono amplifier is a Class D module which is highly efficient and energy saving. It delivers high output power, to drive demanding speakers and fill any room...

Pro-Ject Amp Box DS2 - Stereo Power Amplifier

£599.00 £659.00

The heart of the Pro-Ject Amp Box DS2 audiophile amplifier is a Class D module which is highly efficient and energy saving. It delivers high output power, to drive demanding...

Pro-Ject Stereo Box S2 BT - Integrated Amplifier with Bluetooth


Two separate line level inputs connect to two sources via the RCA plugs, additionally one wireless Bluetooth input is available for all modern sources. This makes the Pro-Ject Stereo Box...

Pro-Ject Stereo Box S2 - Integrated Amplifier


With three line level inputs the Pro-Ject Stereo Box S2 offers the versatility to connect to many sources in your audio system. The world’s smallest audiophile integrated amplifier offers enough...

Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Analogue - Stereo Line Pre-Amp


The Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Analogue features three line level inputs, two pairs of RCA sockets as well as one separate 3.5 millimeter input. Three individual analogue signals can be...

Pro-Ject MaiA S2 - Stereo Amplifier


The original MaiA was a compact integrated amplifier with ultimate input flexiblity, that avoids compromising the sound quality. It is offering all digital and analogue input options you can dream of...

Pro-Ject Head Box S2 - Headphone Amplifier


When it comes to delivering high class sound through the output of modern devices such as laptops or smartphones, they all fail on their own. They don’t have enough power to...

Pro-Ject Amp Box S2 - Stereo Power Amplifier


The new Pro-Ject Amp Box S2 offers one stereo RCA input and delivers powerful and room-filling sound to every loudspeaker. The aimed sound characteristics of this power amplifier was the...

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