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The Audison HV venti is a stereo Dual Mono amplifier realized according to absolute Hi End parameters. Four power supplies, low feedback, high bias current: these are only some of the adopted solutions to obtain reference performances.

Each product, even of high quality, is subject to constraints defined in the design phase, based on the needs of the market. The difference between Thesis HV venti and any other amplifier is very simple, we have not applied any constraints.

Thesis HV venti was born with a unique target, to be the best amplifier in the world!

It represents the maximum expression of the Audison R&D staff, who have pushed themselves beyond the absolute without any brakes, looking for the perfect sound parameteres.

Through the developing of HV venti project many technological innovations were introduced in audio field. Dual Power lets you set up final stage in two output power configurations, Hi Current or Hi Power. This function permits total conformation to loudspeakers impedance and power handling specifications.

The preamplifier PCB is able to dissipate the heat generated by the active devices while keeping their working temperature at the same level and positively affecting sound. In order to let you admire the masterpiece Audison designers created the electronics is covered by a special tempered scratchproof glass and it is lighted by several white, red and blue leds positioned in strategic spots.


  • Exclusive circuitry IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor).
  • A Class preamplifier, intermediate stages and drivers.
  • Dual Mono construction featuring four power supplies in Synchro-PWM configuration.
  • Made exclusively with discrete components.
  • Signal switching made exclusively with relays.
  • Fully balanced input circuit.
  • Power supply on separate board to eliminate interference.
  • ‘Dual Power’ function to switch between Hi-Current and Hi-Power.
  • ‘Bias Selector’ function to change the percentage in A Class.
  • High quality crossover module supplied.
  • 5 mm aluminium chassis connecting two side cooling ducts.


Load (dual power) Hi Current Hi Power

2ch 4Ω
2ch 2Ω
2ch 1Ω
Mono 4Ω
Mono 2Ω



Further Information

Audison Thesis HV venti - Tech Sheet

Audison Thesis HV venti - User Manual


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