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Dynaudio Esotec MD 142 - Midrange Driver - 75mm

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Product Details

Similar to the MD 102 tweeter in principle, the new Dynaudio Esotec MD 142 is a 75mm (3-inch) diameter soft dome midrange design intended for high performance three- and four-way audio systems.

As typical of all Dynaudio tweeters and soft-dome midrange units, the MD 142 features a large diameter aluminum voice coil with a centered magnet housed in a relatively compact and shallow enclosure.

Suspended in ferrofluid for controlled damping, an extremely light aluminium voice coil drives the dome. Aluminium has proven to be an ideal material for Dynaudio’s oversized voice coils due to its extremely low mass, which in turn allows a larger coil diameter and more windings as compared to conventional designs. The heat produced by the voice coil is dissipated to the magnet system with the help of ferrofluid cooling liquid.

The precisely optimized dome geometry and the low mass of the internal moving parts ensure a very transparent and detailed reproduction of all frequencies. In most dome driver designs, the surround of the driver and the outer edge of the driver membrane are moving in opposite phase and canceling each other’s output at various frequencies.

Dynaudio has undertaken extensive research into the shaping of these parts to ensure that the long linear excursions essential to high output levels are maintained without this type of interference.

The Esotec MD 142 is housed in a compact self-contained enclosure with a vented pole piece and damped rear chamber. It includes an integrated protective grille, and requires no additional airspace for installation.

It thus may easily be integrated into a wide range of install applications and locations, including kick-panel, in-dash, in-door or rear deck mount placement. In tandem with the incredibly powerful Neodymium magnet, the sound reproduced by the MD 142 is smooth, detailed, dynamic and simply amazing.

Power Handling

  • Nominal Long Term IEC - 100 W
  • Transient (10ms) - 1000 W

Technical Specifications

  • Voice Coil Diameter - 75mm
  • Voice Coil Height - 5.5mm
  • Impedance - 8 Ω
  • Recommended Frequency Range - 700 - 6000Hz
  • Net Weight - 0.75 Kg
  • Overall Dimensions - ø 121 x 66mm

Further Information

Dynaudio Brochure

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