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Dynaudio Esotec MW 162 - MidRange / Bass Driver - 170mm

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Product Details

The Dynaudio Esotec MW 162 mid/woofer is a medium sized 17 cm (6.5 inch) diameter driver that combines a clear and detailed midrange with a strong and powerful bass response.

Another characteristic typical of Dynaudio drivers and carried through in the new Esotec mobile series woofers is the diffraction-optimized shape of the MSP cone’s characteristic curvature, which further improves imaging so that even at short listening distances as typical of most in-car installations a realistic, true three-dimensional sound-stage can be enjoyed.

Molding the diaphragm and dust cap into a one-piece flat-membrane results in a controlled roll off and high dynamic range. In relation to the total cone surface area, the 75 mm (3 inch) voice coil is exceptionally large in diameter, allowing a most precise conversion of the amplifier’s signal to music. The result is uncompromised, direct music enjoyment.

All of the Esotec MW (mid/woofer) model variants employ Dynaudio’s customary oversized aluminium voice coil, which feature an uncharacteristically large diameter coil wound on a strong and temperature stable former to drive the geometrically optimized rigid MSP cone diaphragm.

The Esotec mid/woofers have all been further upgraded with a brand-new suspension. The new spider allows greater mechanical movement of the cone, increasing excursion while allowing a higher maximum SPL and improved low bass performance.

The use of Dynaudio’s large diameter aluminium voice coils increases thermal handling capabilities tremendously, allowing the drivers to operate within an ideal temperature range, even at high continuous power levels and during powerful music transients. Dynamic impulses are reproduced precisely and without distortion, even at high volume levels, while impressive sound quality and high power handling capability are achieved.

Power Handling

  • Nominal Long Term IEC - 120 W
  • Transient (10ms) - 1000 W

Technical Specifications

  • Voice Coil Diameter - 75mm
  • Voice Coil Height - 10.9mm
  • Impedance - 4 Ω
  • Recommended Frequency Range - 40 - 4000Hz
  • Net Weight - 1.2 Kg
  • Overall Dimensions - ø 175 x 77mm

Further Information

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