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The Hertz HCP 1D is a mono D Class car audio amplifier, with an incredibly minimized size heat sink. All the Hertz Compact Power amplifiers are assembled with high-quality components and feature a complete and by-passable crossover system. The dissipation system is optimized with the heat being transferred to the heat sink and then dissipated through the sides of the amplifier.

The Hertz HCP 1D has been designed to work in multiple configurations. More specifically, it features Hi-Pass pre-amplified outputs, providing the ability to create a Band-Pass on the front woofer.

Besides, using the HRC accessory (Hertz Remote Control), the subwoofer volume can be remote controlled with extreme preciseness.


  • Compact design built from extruded aluminum heatsink with the top side ensuring effective transfer of the heat.
  • Special balanced high-noise rejection input circuitry on the Pre-In or Speaker-In inputs.
  • Speaker-In (for OEM head units) and RCA-In (for Aftermarket head units) inputs.
  • Selectable ART, Automatic Remote Turn-On/Off function, automatically turns on and off the amplifier when the OEM radio turns on and off (can be enabled/disabled, with only Speaker-In inputs).
  • Power supply featuring multiple winding transformer, Low-ESR 105°C capacitors, D-Class 2 Ω stable output stage.
  • Pre-outs, also available when using Speaker-In level inputs, equipped with Hi-Pass filter with adjustable 12 dB/Oct. slope with continuity between 50 and 250 Hz, providing the ability to create Front + Sub multi-amplification active systems.
  • Selectable full range power output, for dual-mono powerful audio systems.
  • Bass Boost (50 Hz) adjustable to 12 dB, to increase the subwoofer punch.
  • 24 dB continuous adjustable (50 to 250 Hz) Lo-Pass filter.
  • SUBSONIC filter (24 dB – 25 Hz), removes very low subsonic frequencies from music signal to prevent damage to the subwoofer.
  • Continuous adjustable PHASE control (0 to 180°); it optimizes alignment of woofer bass frequencies with sub ones.
  • Optional Remote Volume Control (HRC); providing the ability to adjust subwoofer volume level from the dashboard.

Technical Specifications

Channel Mode 1
Output Power (RMS) @ 14.4 VDC 1 Ch: 380 W x 1 (4 Ω)
1 Ch: 700 W x 1 (2 Ω)









50 ÷ 250 Hz @ 24 dB/Oct.


25 Hz @ 24 dB/Oct.

Distortion - THD (100Hz @ 4Ω) 0.2 %
S/N Ratio (A weighted @ 1V) 100 dB
Damping factor (100Hz @ 4Ω) 80
Size mm  215 x 190 x 50

Further Information

Hertz Compact Power HCP 1D - Mono Amplifier - Tech Sheet

Hertz Compact Power HCP 1D - Mono Amplifier - User Manual


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