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The Hertz HCP 4 is a four channel car audio amplifier designed to reproduce any musical genre with four separate channels for multiple configurations. Pre-amplified (Pre-In) inputs and high-level (Speaker-In) inputs allow for connection with any head units. Built to work both in mono, as part of a three-channel system with sub and front, and in stereo for a powerful two-channel system, the HCP 4 is a unique model in terms of versatility!

All the Hertz Compact Power amplifiers are assembled with high-quality components and feature a complete and by-passable crossover system. The dissipation system is optimized with the heat being transferred to the heat sink and then dissipated through the sides of the amplifier.


  • Compact design built from extruded aluminum heatsink with the top side ensuring effective transfer of the heat.
  • Special balanced high-noise rejection input circuitry on the Pre-In or Speaker-In inputs.
  • Speaker-In (for OEM head units) and RCA-In (for Aftermarket head units) inputs.
  • Selectable ART, Automatic Remote Turn-On/Off function, automatically turns on and off the amplifier when the OEM radio turns on and off (can be enabled/disabled, with only Speaker-In inputs).
  • Power supply featuring multiple winding transformer, Low-ESR 105°C capacitors, AB-Class 2 Ω stable output stage.
  • Pre-outs, also available when using Speaker-In level inputs.
  • Mono operation mode (selectable) to create a sub + front three-channel system, or a powerful two-channel system.
  • Bass Boost (50 Hz) selectable to 12 dB, to increase the subwoofer punch.
  • Lo-Pass (50 Hz to 500 Hz) and Hi-Pass (80 Hz) 12 dB crossover filters. The Hi-Pass fixed frequency filter ensures optimal coupling with sub amplifier, also providing the ability to build a front + rear or a sub + front system.
  • Selectable full range power outputs.

Technical Specifications

Channel Mode 4 - 3 - 2
Output Power (RMS) @ 14.4 VDC 4 Ch: 65 W x 4 (4 Ω)
4 Ch: 95 W x 4 (2 Ω)
3 Ch: 65 W x 2 (4 Ω) + 190 W x 1 (4 Ω)
3 Ch: 95 W x 2 (2 Ω) + 190 W x 1 (4 Ω)
2 Ch: 190 W x 2 (4 Ω)







A/B: 80 Hz @ 12 dB/Oct.

A/B: 50 ÷ 500 Hz @ 12 dB/Oct.


Distortion - THD (100Hz @ 4Ω) 0.01 %
S/N Ratio (A weighted @ 1V) 103 dB
Damping factor (100Hz @ 4Ω) 120
Size mm  315 x 190 x 50

Further Information

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Hertz Compact Power HCP 4 - User Manual


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