Hertz Mille Pro MP 25.3 - Car Audio Tweeter Set


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The Hertz Mille Pro MP 25.3 car audio tweeters, featuring a Tetolon dome and a 25 mm voice coil, provide a very wide and frequency response.

Thanks to its “Center Tuning Duct”, positioned in the center of the powerful Neodymium magnetic circuit, exchange of air between the dome and rear load chamber is ensured, fine-tuning the acoustics to perfection. The resulting very low resonance frequency is also functional for the woofer crossover point, elevating the sound stage.


  • Tetolon fiber soft dome, for a natural yet detailed reproduction of musical nuances.
  • “Center Tuning Duct” geometry, for lower resonance frequency and reduced harmonic distortion.
  • High density flux Neodymium magnet, optimized for utmost control during high energy dynamic transients in the mid-high frequency range.
  • 25mm ferrofluid-cooled mobile voice coil.
  • Rear chamber filled with selected damping material and sized for lower Fs, to ensure a well damped high pass frequency roll-off, allowing low cut-off frequency crossover point.
  • Faceplate featuring FEM (Finite Element Modeling) optimized geometry, for high linearity in off-axis installations. 7. Wide array of installation accessories, for an easy OEM integration.


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