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Q Acoustics Q Active 200 - Standmount Speakers (Due Early Nov)

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Colour: Black

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Option: Without Stands

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Hub Option: Google Chromecast

  • Google Chromecast
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Alexa
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Product Details

The Q Acoustics Q Active 200 - Standmount Speakers are an entire high-resolution wireless audio system, delivering uncompromised hi-fi sound that fits conveniently and seamlessly into your lifestyle.

And, of course, Q Active represents the sort of prodigious value for money every listener expects from Q Acoustics.

Wireless Connectivity

Each Q Active system includes connectivity for Bluetooth® 4.1, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and UPnP. Q Active is also Roon Ready. The hub comes in two variants, Google “Chromecast built-in” or Amazon “Works with Alexa” enabled.

In addition, Q Active is designed to support your favourite streaming service’s native app - which means simple, straightforward access to the entire planet’s music. Q Active works with Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Qobuz, Spotify and Tidal.

Streaming Options - Q Active Control Hub

Available as a ‘Chromecast Built-In’ OR ‘Works with Alexa’ hub*.

Streaming Services

The Q Acoutics Q Active Hub is the heart of the system and also supports physical formats and converts them into a high resolutions 24bit/96kHz digital file. The hub then streams this high-resolution audio file to the speakers – so any format you want to listen to can be dealt with wirelessly by your Q Active system. Which means high-quality wireless audio performance no matter the source of your music.

Ethernet - Ethernet connectivity provides the option for a robust wired internet connection to Q Active.

TV Sound - HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) input on the hub - so any TV with a corresponding output can send audio information to the hub without affecting its picture performance. Want your TV sound to be part of your wireless audio system? With Q Active, it can be

Digital Optical - Disc-players - no matter if it’s a CD player, a DVD player or a Blu-ray player will have a digital optical output. Almost every games console has one too. So there’s nothing to stop you getting any of these sources involved in your wireless high-resolution audio system as well.

Line Level - Use the stereo RCA analogue inputs at line level and plug in a cassette deck, a mixer or anything else with an analogue line-level output into the hub. From there it is transferred wirelessly to the speakers, where it is delivered as great-sounding high-resolution audio by the Q Active speakers.

Turntable - The stereo RCA analogue inputs on the hub can be selected for use with a moving-magnet phono stage. So plugging in your record player means all of that lush vinyl sound can be transformed into a digital signal and streamed wirelessly to the Q Active speakers.

Sub Out - The Q Active system delivers plenty of deep, detailed bass. However the hub does offer a subwoofer pre-out for hooking up an additional stand-alone subwoofer.

Multiroom Audio Integration

Whether you choose Google “Chromecast built-in”, Amazon “Works with Alexa” Multiroom Music, Apple Airplay2 or Roon to organise your multiroom music system, Q Active can be seamlessly integrated into it.

So, no matter if you want the same song playing all over your home, or different music in different zones, or if you simply want your music to follow you as you move around your home, Q Active can be part of your experience.

Voice Control

If you have Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri smart speakers on your home network, it’s easy to control the volume and playback selection of the Q Active system. Simply choose which of the formats you prefer.

The control hub is available in a choice of either Google ‘Chromecast Built-In’ or Amazon “Works with Alexa’ – both can be used with Apple Siri, and then use these mic-equipped smart devices on your network to control your Q Active system. You can also use the Google Home, Alexa app on your mobile to control the Q Active system.

Your Choice Of Control

As well as your choice of Google “Chromecast built-in”, Amazon “Works with Alexa” or Apple Siri voice control, Q Active can also be controlled using the app of your favourite streaming service. Or if the TV plugged into the HDMI ARC socket on the control hub is CEC-equipped, use the TV’s remote to control functions like ‘volume’ and ‘standby’. Alternatively use the cabinet mounted volume control features on each Q Active speaker.

Stunning High Resolution Sound

Audio can be described as ‘high resolution’ if it consists of a digital audio format of greater than the CD-standard 16bit/44.1kHz. Q Active can support wireless streaming with a maximum source resolution of 32bit/192kHz, whether from its control hub via a smartphone or tablet.

This means any source plugged into the hub will be converted to an information-rich 24bit/96kHz digital format before it’s streamed to the Q Active speakers, and the top tier of any high-resolution music streaming service will be streamed at this resolution too.

Active Amplification

In a traditional, passive audio system there is one amplifier. It drives two speakers, which will have a total of at least four drivers. In the Q Active system, each driver (there are three in each Q Active 200 speaker and four in each Q Active 400 speaker) is controlled by its own individual, specifically selected amplifier.

Using a total of six (or eight) discrete amplifiers, with a total of 280 (or 440) watts of power to drive the Q Active system means each individual driver receives its own carefully regulated amplification. As a result, Q Active is able to control each driver with accuracy and finesse which in short, means Q Active sounds bigger and more precise than you might think possible.

Tensegrity Stand

Q Active 200 can be specified with a bespoke stand. Inspired by the ground-breaking Tensegrity stand developed by Q Acoustics for its high-end Concept 300 loudspeaker, the Q Active 200 stand minimises resonance from the floor to the speaker cabinet (and vice-versa) thanks to its remarkable low-mass, low-reflectivity design. And in addition to its acoustic benefits, the stand’s minimal design is the perfect visual complement to Q Active 200’s unique looks.

Technical Specifications - Q Active 200

  • Enclosure Type: Reflex (ported)
  • Full Range Driver: 2 x BMR 58mm (2.25in)
  • Subwoofer (High Excursion): 1 x 114mm (4.5in)
  • Crossover Frequency: 150Hz
  • System Frequency Response (Free Boundary): 46Hz to 20kHz (-6dB)
  • Continuous Power: 100W
  • Peak Power: 280W
  • Voltage Range: 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Un-Boxed Weight (Per Speaker): 7.5kg
  • Dimensions (per speaker) H x W x D: 284 x 170 x 290mm
  • Dimensions on stand H x W x D: 922 x 286 x 338mm
  • Hi-Res Wireless Link Frequency: 5.8GHz
  • Sample Frequency: 96kHz
  • Bit Depth: 24bits
  • Max Source Resolution: 32bit/192kHz

Technical Specifications - Q Active Hub

  • Voltage Range: 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Un-boxed Weight: 0.5kg
  • Dimensions H x W x D: 40mm x 180mm x 112mm
  • Bluetooth: v4.2 Low Energy
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n and 802.11ac compliant
  • Hi-Res Wireless Link frequency: 5.8GHz
  • Remote Control: 2.4GHz
  • Codec formats: AAC , WAV, FLAC, MP3, Vorbis, WMA & ALAC
  • Sample Frequency: 8 – 192kHz (depending on codec)
  • Bit Depth: 8 – 24bits (depending on codec)
  • Digital Optical: 96kHz/24bit Toslink
  • Digital HDMI: 96kHz/16bit ARC (2 channel)
  • Analogue (set to line level): 300mV/18kΩ
  • Analogue (set to phono MM): 2.6mV/47kΩ (RIAA Equalised)
  • Subwoofer Output: 1.20V (0-300Hz)

Further Information

Q Acoustics Q Active 200 - Setup Guide

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