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The Hertz Mille Legend ML 700.3 Midrange Speakers features the V-cone geometry upgrade, the Neodymium magnet assembly and the 3-spoke anti-resonant aluminium alloy basket with vented holes.

Thanks to these technologies, as well as the Boundary Free Surround, taking the diameter emission from 60 to 65 mm, the midrange will provide extended, properly damped low frequency response, as the component will be filtered especially at the low frequencies, for excellent combination with the Hertz Mille Legend ML 1800.3, to build an ultra-performing system for competitions.


  • Neodymium magnet optimized with FEA simulations, for superior dynamics and control.
  • Very low carbon content CNC machined plates, for maximum magnetic permeability and low distortion at high power levels.
  • Extremely pure copper covered central pole and one-layer mobile coil, for a wider extension in the high frequency range.
  • Exponential V-cone® with optimized geometry for utmost linearity and dispersion.
  • CONEX spider with optimized profile, for maximum transparent acoustics at mid-high frequency.
  • “Boundary Free” IIR rubber surround, for better efficiency and wider mid-bass frequency.
  • Pressed-pulp cone with cotton fibres, combining stiffness and lightweight, to achieve wide frequency response and limited break-ups at high frequency.
  • Junction point between cone and former with geometry optimized with FEA methods, allowing a more integral coupling, thus ensuring wider extension at high frequency.
  • Three-spoke, very acoustically transparent anti-resonant aluminium alloy basket featuring built-in venting holes.
  • CNC machined elegant diamond-cut basket edge featuring the Hertz logo.
  • Die-cast aluminium factory provided grille featuring diamond-cut aluminium Hertz logo.

Technical Specifications

  • Midrange size: 70mm (3 in)
  • Voice Coil Ø: 20mm (0.8 in)
  • Power Handling: 100 W Peak (Hi-Pass filtered @ 250Hz - 12dB Oct.)
  • Impedance: 4
  • Frequency Response: 200Hz - 20kHz
  • Magnet size: 45mm x 25mm x 3.5mm
  • Centre to centre distance: 80mm (3.15 in)
  • Hole diameter / Eyelet Dimensions: 3.7mm (0.14 in)
  • Weight of one speaker: 0.21 kg (0.46 in)
  • Magnet: Neodymium
  • Dome/Cone: Pressed-pulp cone with cotton fibres

Further Information

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