Pro-Ject Control-It Pre Box S2 Digital - IR Remote


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The Pro-Ject Control it Pre Box S2 Digital is a luxurious remote control which not only controls your hardware but also your software. With the help of this remote control you are able to send the commands Play/Pause and Next/Previous to your playback software, on top Control it Pre Box S2 Digital allows to switch between digital filters. Of course you can also set your desired volume with this control.

The Control it Pre Box S2 Digital is made of 100% aluminium and fullfils even highest aesthetics. The high quality design perfectly suits the audiophile the Pre Box S2 Digital.


  • Pre-programmed remote control
  • Controls Pre Box S2 Digital
  • Also controls playback-software
  • Easy to use
  • Batteries included
  • Housing made of aluminium

Further Information

Pro-Ject Control-It Pro Box S2 Digital - IR Remote - Product Information


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