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Dynaudio Speakers

Back in 1977, Dynaudio’s founder, Wilfried Ehrenholz, was dissatisfied by the hi-fi speakers he’d been listening to, so he began the Dynaudio story by building his own: mounting drivers made by other companies in modified offthe-shelf cabinets, and blending the systems with his own crossover designs. But Wilfried still wasn’t satisfied. He came to realise that he could only get the speaker performance he aspired to if he designed and made as many components as possible himself. And we all know there’s sometimes only one way to get something right: do it yourself.

Dynaudio at Studio Incar

A personal favourite of ours, Dynaudio have been a part of our business from the very beginning. Over a decade of dealing with Dynaudio gives us extremely valuable experience with each line to confidently share with our clients. Dynaudio's approach to loudspeakers and sound in general resonates with our own tastes.

From top-quality finishes through well-thought-out digital active streaming loudspeakers to the way the more conventional passive loudspeakers are designed and ultimately end up sounding really gives us a sense of pride to be a part of. We will happily back Dynaudio in all of their products, which gives our clients confidence in buying from ourselves. 
Arrange a demo below or call us and ask the questions you would like the answers to. We have also done many reviews/first-looks and comparison videos of Dynaudio. You can see a selection of some of them below.

Dynaudio Evoke Range

The EVOKE speaker range takes advanced technology directly from Dynaudio's top-of-the-range speakers – including finishes, driver technology and design. And that means each of the five Evoke models can vibe with you, grow with you, and stay with you – however you listen

Every single part has been looked at from the ground up. Every driver has been optimised in Dynaudio's state-of-the-art Jupiter measuring lab. And every finish has been painstakingly formulated and executed to reflect those on our most exclusive speakers.

Dynaudio Special 40

The Special Forty is classic Dynaudio: all the craftsmanship, attention to detail and total love of authentic sound you’ve come to expect. It’s the connoisseur’s choice – a simple pair of passive hi-fi speakers. But it isn’t about looking back, misty-eyed, at past glories and leaving it at that. It’s about using those glories as a platform from which to launch our next set of breakthroughs.

Dynaudio Focus Range

Focus is packed with future-proof software and wireless connectivity, plus award-winning acoustic technology from our flagship hi-fi and pro studio ranges. It isn’t just a new family of loudspeakers – it’s a refreshing new way to listen to all the music you love.

Imagine listening to something different today.

Dynaudio Contour i Range

Everything inside the new Contour i has been taken apart, re-designed, refined and reassembled. Expect more openness, more punch and more detail. Feel the goosebumps appear as you hear new dimensions in your favourite recordings. Transport yourself back to a time when all that mattered was the next track on the album…

With a new tweeter, new woofers, new crossovers – and new thrills – Contour i takes all you've loved about the family since 1986, adds 2020 knowhow, and brings your music back to life.

Dynaudio Emit Range

Emit is your way into true high-end Danish hi-fi. Enjoy your music and films in a way you never thought possible at the price, thanks to trickle-down technology from Dynaudio’s incredible Confidence, Contour i and Evoke ranges.

Whatever your tastes, you'll hear the result of 45 years of painstaking research, development and listening experience. From the proprietary MSP cone material and fabric soft-dome tweeter technology Dynaudio has been using since 1977, to the up-to-the-minute Hexis inner dome and magnet systems, Emit lets you join the 'high-end club' in style.

Use them in stereo. Use them in a home-cinema system. Stream through them. Play your old vinyl records. Take your next step into authentic audiophile performance.

Dynaudio Heritage Special

Heritage Special is brimming with the spirit (and flødebolle-fulled boldness) that made the Dynaudio name – plus some new surprises. Run your fingers over the hand-finished American Walnut finish. Discover the meticulously crafted joins and corners of the individually selected – and individually matched ­– veneer panels. Pause at the signature groove surrounding the baffle (you’ll remember it from the Dynaudio speakers you coveted years ago).

And then put the top-of-the-line Esotar 3 tweeter and souped-up Evidence woofer through their paces with something that’ll rock your socks off.

Dynaudio Confidence Range

The classic passive speaker has evolved. The all-new Confidence takes Dynaudio’s most celebrated audio technologies to startling heights with new materials, techniques and technologies.

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of knowing – for a fact – that something is as good as it gets.

Dynaudio Esotar2 and Esotec - Car Audio Range

Advancing on the benchmark set by Dynaudio’s Esotec Series high-end aftermarket car audio loudspeakers, the company presents its aftermarket automotive reference flagship series: the Esotar² Series.

Dynaudio’s Esotec component sets are designed to facilitate performance optimized system synergies offering an unprecedented level of sound quality and flexibility in a wide range of applications and vehicles.

The new Esotec car series crossovers are impedance-corrected and truly linear, thus enabling a
wide variety of power amplifiers to be ideally utilized to drive the entire range of Esotec loudspeaker models, allowing the full potential of the Dynaudio system to be realized – something essential for a perfectly harmonious and comprehensive system performance.
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