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Audison Car Audio

At Audison, innovation shapes the whole design process and begins with conceiving car audio products that deliver unique value and enhance in-car listening experiences.
Design means deep care for details, elegance both in aesthetics and performance, perfection in its purest form.

Audison boasts a history of pioneering landmark innovations in audio reproduction, always continuing to push the technological boundaries and securing dozens of patents in the process.

Audison at Studio Incar

Audison has been with us from day one, with outstanding Italian-made amplifiers and Digital Sound Processors and wonderful customer service in the UK. Our clients can confidently buy Audison products and know that if there are any issues we will be there to support them with the full backing of Audison. Audison pioneered DSP technology in the car audio market which is now a must-have product if you're serious about sound. Extended warranties, great sound, becoming a part of the Audison network, let's go!!

We have installed Audison systems in countless vehicles. You can see some in our YouTube videos below.

Audison DSP Amplifiers

Amplifiers with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) allows greater control over their channels. DSP amplifiers allows you to set crossover points, channel specific equalisation, time alignment and phase correction.

The Audison DSP Amplifier include the ability to connect to OEM Head Units and remove the OEM Amplifier from the system.

Audison Amplifiers

Audison design and manufacture some of the best Car Audio specific amplifiers in the world. From the super high-end Class A amps like the Thesis HV Venti to more budget friendly offerings like the SR and Prima series amps.

At Studio Incar, we've used most, if not all of Audison's amplifier offerings in our installation projects. They've remained a go to for us as we can rely on them to perform and deliver what we need quickly.

Audison Speakers

Audison has a large range of speakers from drop-fit OEM replacements to range topping Thesis components. All bases are covered from small but vital tweeters, through puncy mid-ranges and powerful mid-basses.

Audison's Thesis components are truly world-class speakers and we use them in some of our top systems. They posses a natural clarity and weight that is rarely experienced in car audio.

Audison Sub Boxes

Audison offer a range of Active Subwoofers that provide a stand-alone solution for amplified sub-bass. No need for a dedicated amplifier or 1 more channel on a multi-channel amp.

We use Audison Active Sub Boxes to quickly add sub-bass to an OEM system or to level-up on a custom system. We believe that adding a dedicated Sub Box takes the strain off of the mid-bass speakers. This allows the mid-bass to play clear and punchy without getting muddy.
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