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AURALiC Digital HiFi

Established in 2009, AURALiC has been driving the innovation of high-performance music reproduction technology for over a decade. As passionate classical music enthusiasts, AURALiC’s founders were inspired in 2008 to create the company one night after a Berliner Philharmoniker concert in Waldbühne Berlin. Their desire to provide a genuinely high-resolution music streaming solution became a reality over the next several years. 

AURALiC at Studio Incar

A relatively new brand to us, we chose to work with Auralic based on their approach to streaming and audio in the digital domain. Super high build quality, tidy form factor and a beautifully finished design, these products are thought through, then thought through again. The optional Lightning DS app is a pleasure to use which is another of our must-have options meaning our clients are never confused with their new streaming products. All of your digital music in one place played to its highest possible standard. 
Arrange a demo or call us on 01489 578951 and ask the questions you would like the answers to. 
We've also demo'd and reviewed a couple of the Auralic products. You can see some of our videos below.

AURALiC Digital / Wireless Audio Streamers

Auralic's Digital and Wireless Audio Streamers sit very much at the mid to high-end level of the market. AURALiC have a few key focuses with the first being the Sonic Performance of their products. The second is innovative design and the third is their Lightning EcoSystem. This allows complete system control over a network.

In addition to this AURALiC produce some of the most technologically advanced equipment on the market and we love what they're doing so far.

AURALiC Processors and DAC

Along with streamers, AURALiC offer some incredible add-ons to high-end Hi-Fi systems that go "beyond measurement" in their own words. A Reference Master Clock in the Leo GX1, Upsampling Processor in the Sirius G2.1 and stand-alone DAC with the Vega G2.1.

This type of equipment takes you beyond what is normally available in most one-box products. Their level of attention-to-detail to streaming and the network ecosystem certainly puts AURALiC into the top tier of HiFi producers today.
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