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Hi-Fi Rose RA-180 Amplifier at Home

HiFi ROSE - Amplifiers and Streamers

HiFi Rose is a HiFi Media Player brand that resembles a rose. ROSE' representative identity 'audio with screen' Users can operate the screen intuitively and conveniently, You can experience the deep impression of high-definition sound with video.

HiFi ROSE at Studio Incar

Brand new into the Hifi streaming market, Hifi Rose are one of our chosen brands for our clients. These products need to be heard as well as seen. From their spectacular touch screen displays on the RS150B through to the steam-punk vibe of the RA180 integrated amplifier they don't fail to visually impress.

This is all well and good but often products fall short in terms of sound when so visually targeted, the Hifi Rose products don't. They're wonderful sounding user friendly built-like-a-tank designed that deserve a place in any mid-high end hifi system. Arrange a demo to find out why you need one or call us and ask the questions you would like the answers to. 
We have done video reviews of HiFi ROSE products on our YouTube channel. Here are a few below. 

HiFi ROSE - All-in-One Streamers & Amplifiers

The HiFi ROSE range is small yet concise. In the UK we currently have 6 products available to us. HiFi ROSE has a primary focus in moving the HiFi world streaming technology and cutting edge digital amplification.

Their All-in-One products combine the streaming tech they are known for with amplification from R&D projects available on their flagship amplifier.

HiFi ROSE - Network Streamers & CD Transport

HiFi ROSE entered the market with a very technology based approach to HiFi. Trying to forward HiFi equipment to appeal to a younger and more convenience concered generation, their streamers work with all the current streaming networks and providers.
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