This morning (1st August 2023), Hegel have released their brand new H600 Integrated amplifier. Very exciting stuff!

Hegel don't tend to release amplifiers very often, when they do they're typically a huge leap on their outgoing models. The H590 is certainly no slouch, so the H600 has a job on its hands. The Hegel H590 is now 5 years old, things have moved along a lot in the streaming / digital world which is why there has been a fundamental focus on the H600 integrated amplifier.

Hegel H600 - Rear Panel

Coupled with new chassis design, an all-new DAC and amplification upgrades we're expecting great things from the new Hegel Flagship integrated amplifier.

More info can be found on our Hegel H600 product page

Expected in September 2023

H600 - Front Image

Here's what Hegel themselves have to say:

"Hegel launched the H590 five years ago. We had never made an integrated amplifier at this level before and we were slightly apprehensive about the reaction from our customers. However, the combination of stellar performance and convenience made it an instant success, the reception from reviewers and customers was overwhelming. Finally, after three years of development, we are ready to present H600, the H590’s heir. With a host of new features, a new chassis design, a new DAC, an improved amplifier section, and a vastly superior streaming engine, the H600 is a true powerhouse that should
cover all audiophile needs and wants. Oh, and we also added a couple of watts more..."