Welcome to absolutely everything we know about the brand new Hifi Rose RA180 integrated amplifier.

It isn't often we as a business get to show you guys a tech scoop! It also isn't often something lands on our desks that leaves such a huge impression. When I first saw images of this new HiFi Rose RA180 Integrated Amp, I was genuinely wowed.

HiFi Rose RA180 - Front Panel Angle


UPDATE - 30th MAY 2022

The HiFi ROSE RA180 is now in stock with us. You can buy online or instore now. HiFi Rose RA180 - Product Page

First Look Video of the RA180 by Studio Incar

The UK Spec is now confirmed and is correct on this blog post and on the product page.

    The Things we think we do Know

    The HiFi Rose RA180 is a state-of-the-art Integrated Amplifier using the latest innovative technologies.

    The RA180's Power damping and dead times we're reduced to 1/10 or less. Linearity was dramatically improved to create a near-perfect sound that transcends the boundaries between digital and analog.

    New Concept Class AD Amplifier

    The amplifier has developed the Class A to AB to Class D. Class AB was developed to improve the high heat generation and low efficiency of A.

    Class D has higher efficiency and higher output the AB, and also significantly improved S/N and THD characteristics compared to A and AB.

    However, the sound quality has been evaluated as inferior to A/AB due to the limitations of the digital circuit.

    The GaN class AD amplifier developed by HiFi ROSE has dramatically improved the problems of the existing Class D by applying innovative new materials.

    HiFi Rose RA180 - Front / Left side panel

    Next Generation GaN FET-Applied Class AD Amplifiers

    Class D amplifiers have a topology that theoretically provides a perfect linear output at 0% distortion and 100% power efficiency. In order to achieve this, the switching action requires high speed and accuracy. However, previous products were weak compared to Class A/AB in the linearity aspect due to the limitations of silicon FET, which couldn't produce a smooth and natural sound.

    In the the ROSE RA180, a new material, GaN FET, was used instead of Silicon FET to solve this problem. The dead time dramatically improved to 1/10 or less, and a nearly perfect linear output was realised with a switching speed cloase to zero.

    This linearity goes beyond the Class D limits and produces a smooth and natural sound, like an analog amplifier.

    4 Mono Amplifiers - Multi Output Configuration using Modules

    The HiFi ROSE RA180 consists of two modules: one AMP module specialised for stable mid-bass and balance, and another specialised for smooth high-pitched and supertweeter areas.

    Each AMP module supports 200 W (8 Ohm) and can output up to 400 W per channel. When two independent modules are connected to a speaker's high and low frequencies separatelty, the driving force can be greatly improved without being affected by a counter electro-motive force.

    BTL mode combines two independent modules for rich, balanced sound.

    HiFi Rose RA180 - Rear Panel - Connections

    Designed to Play up to the Super Tweeter Realm

    THe human hearing range has an upper limit of 15-20kHz. So, is there any need for higher frequencies? Temporarily high trebles extend well beyond 20kHz, even in harmonious sound.

    For example, trumpets have a frequency response that extends to 100 kHz, and 88.2 kHz to 192 kHz sources have a 40 kHz to 96 kHz frequency response.

    The RA180 is designed with a wide frequency response range so that even high-resolution sound sources with an output range of 20 Hz to 50 kHz, 100 kHz @ -3 dB, 200 kHz @ -6 dB. Although this playability may be outside a person's hearing range, it faithfully reproduces a wide frequency range, which contributes to expressing a deep and wide sound field with the original sound.

    Balanced Power Supply

    The power supply that has been exclusively developed for the RA180 apples 4th generation SiC FET technology to provide high output with less heat. In addition, by using a self-developed PFC (power factor circuit), it is designed not to be affected by sudden load fluctuations.

    The power supply device was developed to support a powerful damping factor of at least 200, and the high output of 1000 W is designed to produce powerful bass and soft treble.

    HiFi Rose RA180 - Crossover & Balance Controls

    PHONO Amplifer with Variable EQ

    The purpose of the PHONO amplifier provided by the RA180 is for the recording producer to accurately reproduce the original intention. It also reproduces the original sound as it is, which is the principle of HiFi ROSE.

    it is designed to respond to a variety of vinyl records with low-mid bass TURNOVER and high-frequency ROLL OFF adjustment functions.

    Amplifies the very weak signal picked up by the cartridge and keep it as close as possible to the original sound. MOVING MAGNET and MOVING COIL stages are provided with a simple switch selection and EQ values corresponding to curves from various record manufacturers are provided using parts with a 0.1% tolerance.

    HiFi ROSE RA180 - Front Panel - V2

    Front Panel

    • Source Input Selector - Line Input x3, Balance x1, Phono x1, Supports a total of 5 external inputs. Volume is motorised and adjustable remotely.
    • Tone Control - You can control the TREBLE, BASS and BALANCE attributes.
    • Active Crossover - By removing the low frequency range, only the high frequency range is output, enable to produce a high-quality sound.
    • Main Volume - The main volume is motorised and is adjustable remotely.
    • Pure Direct - By bypassing the input signal without going through balance, tone control or active crossover, the purity of the sound quality can be improved.
    • Speaker Output Selector - Two sets of speakers can be connected and each set of speakers can be controlled by a switch.
    • Dimmer - The brightness of the light on the front panel can be adjusted in 3 levels.
    • Subsonic - Blocks the ultra-high frequency to prevent ultra-high noise from negatively affecting the speaker.
    • Attenuator - Reduce the amount of volume output to a minimum level.

    HiFi Rose RA180 - Rear Panel - V2

    Rear Panel

    • Circuit Breaker Recruitment - The power circuit breaker has been recruited to improve the conductivity of the input electricity, and by securing a wide passage for input electricity, the resolution of sound quality has been improved as well.
    • BTL Mode - By combining 4 mono amplifiers into 2 amplifier blocks, 400 W (8 Ohm) output per channel is supported.
    • AC Power Input - By adopting FURUTECH terminals processed with pure copper optimised for audio, it transmits the input electricity wuthout interfering with the purity.
    • Subwoofer Out - Connect with active subwoofer units to provide a rich bass listening experience.

    Technical Specifications

    Amplifier Output 4 Ohms 200W x 4ch (800W)
    8 Ohms 200W x 4ch (880W)
    BTL Mode On 400W x 2ch (400W) 400W x 2ch
    Input Sensitivity Balanced Input 2000mV 200W x 4ch
    Unbalanced (Line 1, 2, 3) Input 1000mV 200W x 4ch
    Phono (MC/MM) Input 5mV / 0.5mV 200W x 4ch
    Impedance Input Balanced Input 44k Ohms
    Unbalanced (Line 1, 2, 3) Input 47k Ohms
    Phono (MM/MC) Input 47k Ohms
    Bandwidth (0dBr +- 3dB / 8 Ohm) Speaker Output 10Hz - 100kHz 100W x 2ch
    H/F Speaker Output 10Hz - 100kHz 100W x 2ch
    Frequency Response (1W, 0 +- 1dB / 8 Ohm) Speaker Output 10Hz - 100kHz 1W x 2ch
    H/F Speaker Output 10Hz - 100kHz 1W x 2ch
    THD Measure Balanced and Unbalanced (Line 1, 2, 3) Input 0.005% (50W) 200W x 4ch
    Damping Factor Speaker and H/F Speaker Output >150 200W x 2ch
    Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N) BTL / Balanced, Unbalanced / Phono MM, MC 107dB / 105dB / 80dB (MM), 60dB (MC) 200W x 4ch
    Impedance Output Speaker Output 53m Ohm 200W x 4ch
    Subsonic Filter with On/Off Switch -3dB 50Hz 1W x 4ch
    Tone Control with On/Off Switch Bass (100Hz) / Treble (10kHz) +- 15dB 1W x 2ch (Speaker Output)
    X-Over with On/Off Switch HPF (-3dB) 600Hz - 6kHz 1W x 2ch (H/F Speaker Output)
    Phono Turnover Flat
    300Hz (+7.7dB @100Hz)
    400Hz (+11.7dB @100Hz)
    500Hz (+13dB @ 100Hz) RIAA
    700Hz (+14.5db @ 100hz)
    Roll-Off Flat
    1.6kHz (-16dB @ 10kHz)
    2.1kHz (-13.7dB @ 10kHz) RIAA
    3.18kHz (-11dB @ 10kHz
    3.4kHz (-8dB @ 10kHz)
    6.36kHz (-5dB @ 10kHz)
    Design Size 430mm x 350mm x 110mm
    Weight 16.7kg
    Body High Purity Aluminium
    Power Power SMPS (800W) Maximum Output: 1100w
    Voltage AC100-230v, 50 / 60Hz Standby Mode Power Consumption: >0.5w
    Audio In / Out on Rear Trigger Trigger Voltage Can be turned On: 3.3v - 12v
    Remote Control IR Input 38kHz Infrared Ray (Within 10m of operating distance)

    Standout Features

    The gear chain volume knob! Just look at it. It's merely speculation on our part at the moment but I'd hazard a good guess that the volume knob turns the gears which in turn moves the mechanical volume indicator strip above the volume knob. I can't wait to get my hands on that! 

    The switchgear looks to be from a different era again than the gear based volume control, which adds another dynamic to how the unit presents its steampunk/modern-retro styles self. A far cry from the companies RS150 streamer. Although, due to the design of the streamer and it's Android operating system, a skin to line the two up in terms of aesthetics isn't a difficult thing to do.


    Balanced inputs are always a lovely thing to see. Especially on an integrated with a streamer in the same line that has balanced outputs. The pair should match up perfectly in the signal arena.

    HiFi Rose RA180 - Volume Control Detail

    Tiny VU metres will certainly keep the retro guys happy. 

    My personal favourite switch has to be the sweeping "pure direct" switch that resembles something from a Lancaster Bomber cockpit.

    Many thanks for reading!

    Studio Incar