Versatile. Sound. Design.

Three words penned by the British loudspeaker company Q Acoustics to explain the new Q Active 200 and Q Active 400 project ethos. The brand are known for producing innovative products that perform at price points they shouldn’t have a right to. We’ve had our hands on these units already and can confidently say they’ve done it again.

Q Acoustics Q Active 200

Picture the scene, you get home of an evening, swipe down on your phone, select Q Active Hub as your output device and press play. Now you can go about your home-entry routine whilst your favourite playlist licks around the house in wonderful wireless simplicity.

This is a product of convenience, without the standard compromise in quality. Everything the Q Hub (the transmitter and media centre for these wireless speakers) sends to these units is in 24Bit/96kHz high resolution and that means everything. The maximum source resolution tops out at 32Bit/192kHz. From your record player through to Streaming apps and smart home devices such as Alexa or Chromecast. The Q Hub is an essential part of this wireless speaker set and includes inputs for all sorts, see the picture below.

Q Acoustics Q Active Hub

From the Hub a 24Bit/96kHz signal is streamed to the speakers built in receivers and onto their in-built amplifiers. For the Q Active 200 there are 3 amplifiers per speakers totaling a dynamic figure of 280W per speaker, this climbs to 420w per speaker for the Q Active 400. 

The Q Active 200 has a single rear facing 4.5” subwoofer with a wonderful looking and functioning waveguide with side opening to help shoot these frequencies out from the side of the rear of the cabinet. Around the front there are two wide band 58mm BMR drivers that give ultra wide dispersion.

Q Active Side Shot

The Q Active 400 is much the same but with more cabinet space and a doubling of the bass driver count. The same wide band and wide dispersion tech is used throughout.

Another setting could be the HDMI ARC input on the Q Active Hub. Sitting around the TV for a family film, or even pinching some time on your own to start another box set, the Q Active Hub will activate from the control of your TV, activations your speakers and playing your chosen medias sound through the Q Active system giving us real room filling and precise stereo imagine rather than a single bar or the TV’s wonderfully dreadful in-built speaker.

Q Acoustics Active 200 - Front Shot

Info is limited right now on the Q Active 400 which is due for release early Feb 2021 BUT the Q Active 200 is available here right now - ***** Stock is with us in the UK and is ready to ship.

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