The New Dynaudio Contour i series has landed.

"i" stands for improved, they're a better speaker.

Dynaudio Contour i family

From Dynaudio -


"Dynaudio is excited to take the wraps off its new Contour i series - an extensive update to the winning 2016 Contour range.

The family has been totally overhauled under the hood with advanced acoustic technology trickled down from the flagship Confidence range. And the results are plain to hear.

“We didn’t do it because we had to, we did it because we wanted to,” says Otto Jørgensen, Product manager. “Basically, this is what happens when you leave our engineers alone with a speaker - they can’t help but improve it. We gained so much knowledge during the Confidence project that we simply had to share it with Contour. And we’re absolutely thrilled with the results.

Dynaudio Contour 20i cut open

"What’s new?"

Taking it from the top, the brand new Esotar 2i tweeter on all models gains the ingenious Hexis resonance-defeating inner dome, plus a new, larger rear chamber. Together they reduce distortion and gives a flatter frequency response.

Contour 20i Crop

The Contour 20i, 30i and 25Ci woofers all gain an updated Nomex spider. It’s the same structural design as the 2016 Contour (with varying width corrugations for finer excursion control, but the new material simply sounds better – the result of many hours of listening in Dynaudio Labs.

Contour midbass driver

The Contour 60i has new woofers with a bigger magnet system, a different voice coil design and a glass-fibre voice-coil former, as first used in the Confidence range and Sub 6 subwoofer. That means even tighter bass, at higher volume.

And Contour 60i’s midrange driver? No change to the driver itself, but it does sit in a new moulded, resonance-damping enclosure derived from Dynaudio’s flagship professional reference monitor range, Core.

Contour 20i, 30i and 25Ci have updated crossovers. And, because of the driver tweaks providing an inherently flat frequency response, it means Dynaudio has been able to remove the impedance correction circuitry for an even simpler board.

Dynaudio Contour 60i crossover

The Contour 60i has a completely new crossover because of the new woofers and new Esotar 2i tweeter. Plus, the effect of that moulded midrange cup and the Nomex woofer spiders enabled the company’s engineers to shift the crossover frequency up. It now works better at slightly higher frequencies (up to around 300Hz). The frequency curve in this area is also flatter, meaning better midrange performance from a simpler crossover.

Even the internal damping is brand-new - using lessons learned from Evoke and Confidence.

And, of course, the whole range was extensively optimised in Dynaudio’s world-leading Jupiter measuring facility before being subjected to countless hours of listening by the experts in Dynaudio Labs.

Dynaudio Jupiter mic

Finally, the finishes have been improved. The range will be available in three finish variants, all with enhanced surface quality:

Walnut: open-wood veneer with a more natural look and feel

Grey Oak High Gloss: natural oak veneer stained in a striking grey colour, covered in an improved high-gloss lacquer

Black High Gloss: black-painted cabinets covered in an improved high-gloss lacquer"


So a pretty substantial amount of upgrades to every unit in the range, the new Contour i is essentially an entirely new line. There isn't much we can add to the great words above, other than if this product is for you we're available to talk and help get a set into your listening area. 

We have the Contour 20i in store and ready for home demonstration after a run-in period. We will have the C30 and C60 shortly as they're arriving slightly later than the other models.

Contour i is available now. Here!


 More pictures? Let's...

Contour 60i in Walnut finish

Dynaudio Countor 60i

Contour 30i in Grey Oak high gloss

Contour 30i 4 in 1

Contour C20i in high gloss Black 

Dynaudio Contour 20i 4 in 1

Contour 25ci in all three finishes - 


contour 25ci all finishes

Thanks for looking! We have all info on these speakers available today, you can get in touch with us on the phone - 01489 578951 or via Email - or via our contact form - Here

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