The New Dynaudio Special Forty

The reception of the original Special Forty has been so great that Dynaudio has opted to re-release it. Available in two special finishes not to remove the originality of the limited-in-number Special Forty mk1 which were available in Grey and Red high gloss Birch. Two original finishes not to be found anywhere else in the Dynaudio line-up.

You can buy the new Dynaudio Special Forty MKII from us here.

This isn't a review, reviews on this speaker have been done the world over, to outstanding praise. The Special Forty is very well established, we're here to deliver the news of the 2020 changes to this incredible stand mount.

Same-same, but different?

New for 2020, the same superb speaker with all the same groundbreaking driver technology, in two brand new finishes. The beautifully elegant Ebony Wave with its light to medium oak coloured 'end-on-grain' high gloss lacquered finish, and the powerful stylish Black Vine high gloss lacquered finish.

Dynaudio Special Forty

As you can see, they're both quite striking. We love the fact Dynaudio has decided to honour the limited edition originals by setting out these new Special Forty only finishes and remained brave enough to re-release an otherwise special edition product, based on its incredible reception in the stereo world. 

Dynaudio Special Forty Ebony Wave pair

If you're reading this you'll likely already know how accomplished the original is and you can rest assured this is the exact same speaker, with all of the tech of the original, just in a different coloured package. The lacquer used on the new Special Forty we're told has been subject to change alongside the new Contour i line (more on that in our other blog post). A lot deeper, and more "true" so we should see a flatter finish. I can't say we ever had a problem with the earlier units, but every little helps in the constant pursuit of improvement we've come to expect from Dynaudio. 

The great thing about the Ebony Wave finish (pictured above) and something we have discussed in-house is it gives the option to have a Dynaudio Special Forty in a not-so-bold finish, for a more conventional natural decor, for instance, those looking for the speaker to blend into their living space. A little less "visual statement" that some may or may not be looking for.

We're in love with the Black Vine finish, it's extremely original 'red' strikes through its beautiful gloss black finish brings something really fresh to domestic loudspeaker finishing and design.

Dynuadio Special Forty Black Vine crop

Both cabinets are finished as we've come to expect from Dynaudio, with almost endless depth to their hard lacquered finishes coupled with their naturally perfectly flush fitting in-house drive units specially designed for the Special Forty through to the rear single binding post and port opening. All six walls of the cabinet are finished in the same grade, of course.

Dynaudio Special Forty

We're extremely excited whenever Dynaudio releases a new product and nothing has changed here. When Dynaudio develop a special edition speaker, every 10 years or so, they plough all of their expertise, all of their technical knowledge and development in raw drivers into one speaker. It's a rare thing for a company not to rest on its sales figures of standard units and to actually hand out at a comparatively low cost (considering its performance) but technologically superior loudspeaker. We feel lucky that the Special Forty has been reintroduced, or for any of the special edition speakers actually.


We're certain that a hot topic will be the £200 premium over the originals, at £2700. Considering the strength of Pound Sterling to Euro now compared to four years ago, with all things considered and the state of current affairs, after discussing this with Dynaudio, this is more of an exchange rate adjustment than it is a price increase. A difference we're more than happy to accept considering the Special Forty is very capable in the 4-5k stand-mount arena as is. This speaker still represents outstanding value for money. We've somewhat countered this, and more, with our launch deal details below. 

Get 'Hands-On' with the new Special Forty

So, we have 3 sets, we have the originals that we have kept for ourselves after they were discontinued (hoarders!) and these two new sets (black vine to arrive shortly) here for demonstration, either in-store or in your home. As you can imagine at this time of writing there isn't much we can do about getting people in here to listen to them, although we will and can arrange a "hands-off" delivery within reason during these times, just get in touch with us via the details below to express your interest.

Our Launch Offer and Shipping

We're offering each set sold with Free Dynaudio Stand 6 or 50% off Stand 10 and Stand 20 designed for Dynaudio stand mount speakers, so if, for instance, you would prefer to buy as a system you'll receive a minimum of £175 off and over £230 off with the Stand 20, Direct to your door. We can, of course, accommodate associated cabling needs should you wish.

To ship these to our clients we've arranged direct shipping with minimal contact, turn around will be approx 4 days and will be free of charge. Hands-free signing is to be expected at the moment, of course.

The Ebony Wave finish is available straight away, as in right now. The Black Vine finish will land early June and can be pre-ordered now. We are accepting pre-orders for the Black Vine finish so you can guarantee units on the first batch.

We're still updating our store as stock comes in, but please, feel free to view our selections here - Special Forty 

We're available to answer questions, offer advise and generally chat about sound on - 01489 877987 and or you can use the contact form on the site - Here

Thanks for getting this far, here's a few more images! 

Dynaudio Special Forty Mixed Top



Dynaudio Special Forty grilles


Dynaudio Special forty rear


In case you missed it the first time around, other than their incredible finishes, here is some of the tech that makes the Special Forty so... Special. 

The Esotar Forty tweeter
Totally new, totally exclusive to the Special Forty… and totally amazing. In the Esotar Forty soft-dome tweeter, the team in Dynaudio Labs have tweaked airflow, lowered the resonant frequency and minimised distortion. Meanwhile, the DSR (Dynaudio Secret Recipe) precision coating finesses the diaphragm’s performance without letting its transient response waver or compress.

Dynaudio's best-ever 17cm woofer
Dynaudio has been making great 17cm woofers for years – but that’s no reason not to tinker, so they decided to see if they could do even better. The Special Forty driver has an improved spider, optimised symmetry and a new, higher grade neodymium magnet for an even clearer, more honest performance.

Seamless driver overlap
Dynaudio used their classic first-order crossover techniques and ramped-up unique Phase Alignment and Impedance Alignment technologies. Specifically selected components handle the impedance optimisation and, because both drivers have extended frequency ranges for even better overlap and integration, their performance borders on the mesmerising.

Harnessing nature
The woofer and Esotar Forty tweeter both take airflow to another level with new pressure conduits, shaped vents, optimised baskets and more – all serving to reduce unwanted pressure build-up and resonances. The woofer’s hybrid motor system, meanwhile, carefully manipulates magnetic flux for more power, less weight and far more controlled sound.


  • Sensitivity: 86dB (2.83V/1m)
  • IEC power handling: 200W
  • Impedance:
  • Frequency response (+/- 3dB): 41Hz–23kHz
  • Box principle: Bass reflex rear ported
  • Crossover: 2-way
  • Crossover frequency: 2000Hz
  • Crossover topology: 1st order
  • Woofer: 17cm MSP cone
  • Tweeter: 28mm Esotar Forty
  • Weight: 8.1kg/17.9lb
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 198 x 360 x 307mm
  • Dimensions with feet/grille (WxHxD): 198 x 360 x 322mm

RRP- £2700, Available now with a free Stand 6 or system deal with Stand 10 or Stand 20. Also available for home demonstration.

Thanks for reading,

Carl, Studio Incar