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Welcome to Studio Hifi! A new appointment only and online wing of our business put together for our clients both new and existing to experience our signature sound in the living space.

Our mission statement is:

To provide our clients with the best possible products and installation that go beyond expectation and to deliver this with absolute leading-edge customer service

We've been beavering away during the past few months to put together a demonstration area in our Segensworth premises. Comfy, wifi equipped, coffee on tap and plenty to listen to. Our practices are quite relaxed, what you can expect from us is to be offered a place where you can sit and play your own music, or ours, simply ask us to wheel the kit you want to listen to into the sound-treated listening area and away you go.

Other than our relaxed, enthusiast nature there are plenty of other reasons why you should buy from us but we'll let you decide them for yourself.

Now, all of this was meant to take place approximately 12 months ago, with the world essentially ending in March 2020 and still not showing signs of traction in March 2021 we shifted our plans slightly, slowed things down, made more thought out decisions and have invested in demonstration stock. It's a tricky time for Hifi and electronics (amongst everything else) right now but we're fortunate enough to have gotten through this and maintain the plan, albeit a year later.

Dynaudio Contour 20i with Pro-Ject RPM10 Carbon

So here we are now, Studio Hifi. We have our Youtube channel - HERE - Our most informative way of getting our info to you with in-depth unboxing videos as well as product explanations. We don't often review, we leave the decision making to our clients.

Our Instagram Page - HERE - Great for up to date demo stock, stories on what we're doing and general news, this is likely the quickest way of keeping up to date with ourselves.

Our Facebook page - HERE - Similar to our Instagram page but put together for our ladies and gents that prefer Facebook communication rather than Instagram.

Our webstore, If you're reading this you're on the site right now! Why not take a look around or save the page for later? HERE - Just click Hifi in the menu bar and browse a selection of what we offer. Our site is constantly being updated as we continuously create relationships within this industry. Doing it properly takes time so if there is something you would like that it doesn't look like we have listed please feel free to get in touch, the chances are we can supply what you are looking for.

These, along with this site, are the ways you can keep up to date with us and either simply follow our movement or get involved! These links also give avenues to communicate with ourselves should you want to purchase any suggested equipment, discuss logistics or simply want advice on a product we offer.

Studio Hifi Hampshire Demo room

What Studio Hifi offers - 

We're not predominantly one way inclined, we don't weight our attention on Vinyl replay, nor digital, we're pretty much just into a high level of replay regardless of format.

What we offer are a number of lines we've specifically chosen to work with based on our feel for the way these excellent brands sound, not only stand-alone but most importantly together. A large part of our partnership decision-making process is based on how our partners do business, this is a hugely underestimated part of the consumer/vendor relationship and one we like to have buttoned up so we know that if our clients encounter any issues at all we have them covered.

The lines we offer cover a wide array, from cables through electronics and front ends be it analogue or digital and then onto world-class loudspeakers ranging from entry-level through to high-end. Most of which are on permanent demo in-store.

The way Studio Hifi works

Our appointment-only policy keeps only one customer/pro situation in the store at one time, we book a window that works with yourself and we stick to it. This creates a personal environment where our clients can simply sit and enjoy what they want to listen to. We urge our guys/girls to bring their own music and even equipment should the situation arise, although, people are more than welcome to dig into our records, CD's and streaming facilities (Tidal/Spotify). Our appointment-only policy also stops any potential disappointment with stock in its tracks, this also enables us to buy into stock things that a client may want to only buy from ourselves giving you the option to try before committing, naturally, this may take a little longer than usual.

Personally, we can't think of a worse situation than having numerous people in-store at one time leading to rushed encounters and a natural drop in the level of service received. Your booking here should be calm, smooth and enjoyable.

If at the end of your session you would like to take equipment away for home demonstration we ask for a refundable 90% deposit payment and away you go. If you would simply like to purchase what you've heard then we can shake hands (hopefully, soon...) and take care of this also.

Project Debut Carbon EVO Hampshire

We keep some great brands in-store that we've personally picked to work with ourselves. We've got some great guys here too that are all music/sound repro experts that aren't on commission so feel free to book a free no-obligation appointment and listen to some music whilst possibly drinking some coffee.

I'm writing this from my home office whilst listening to and enjoying my own Q Concept 300's and a Peachtree Audio Nova , practising what I preach.

I look forward to meeting you.

Carl - Studio Hifi

Dynaudio Evoke 50 Dynaudio Evoke 20 Studio Hifi

Peachtree Audio Nova 125 SKY Studio Hifi


Dynaudio Contour 60i demonstration


JL Audio Dominion D108 Studio Hifi

Studio Hifi Hampshire


Q Acoustics Concept 500 Studio Hifi demo roomDynaudio stand mount speakers