Take a look at the super exciting new Special Edition Dynaudio Heritage Special. Ours are here and in stock. What a ray of sunshine to cap off an otherwise gloomy year.


You'll likely know by now we're fans of the Danish firm so when a new speaker is announced, it's smiles all round. Then we wait...

Dynaudio Heritage Special front

Fortunately this time around not too long. This years' events have lead to a lot of delays as manufacturers have done their best to keep production moving. Unfortunately most of the issues with large companies supplying stock has come from the top point of mass manufacture, the little bits that glue these things together. However, with the Dynaudio Heritage Special, Dynaudio have gone back to basics. Every part of the Heritage Special is built in house or locally (High-end Mundorf parts being sourced in Germany, for instance) which has allowed them to produce special speakers without the resources that are typically relied upon for the aforementioned parts. This in turn means they're available, now.

I can't help but think they've had a team of rather special talented designers with a bit of spare time on their hands?

Dynaudio Heritage Special rear

 At £5500 the 2500 sets (worldwide) have been subject to a "ground up" build, not sharing a cabinet with something else, nor is the crossover of the same design as any of the other Dynaudio stand mount speakers. The drive units naturally are Dynaudio in-house units, however, they too are bespoke to this speaker with the incredible Dyanudio Esotar 3 tweeter that has been refaced with the legendary fascia of the Esotar T330D from the world renowned Crafft monitors and MW18W75 XL Heritage Special MSP woofer, a modified version of the midbass found in the companies previous £85,000 Evidence flagship. 

Dynaudio Heritage Special bass unit

Dynaudio Heritage Special tweeter

The cabinets are a 19MM mdf with extensive bracing and finished in an American Walnut veneer, each matched.

Dynaudio Heritage Special bracing

3 layers of hand applied lacquer ensure the speakers longevity and incredible Dynaudio standard level of finish. Each speaker takes over 3 days to assemble from start to finish and each one has it's own certification plaque of authenticity. 'Coorrr...

Dynaudio Heritage Special back plate 

Dynaudio have brought back the outer lines of their standmounts of old, the company calls them "list strips". Any Dynaudio fan will immediately recognise them from the likes of the Contour 1.3mk2SE for instance. This is quite an obvious, intentional nod to the special speakers that built the foundations of Dynaudio.

Dynaudio Heritage special top

The crossovers have been designed and built, tuned with Jupiter and by ear to the highest levels using high end Mundorf componentry, Evo oil caps and Dynaudio custom specs. Van Den Hul cables are used throughout and to the rear are single wired WBT 710 Cu mC Next-Gen terminals. 

Just wonderful.

The Sound?

Massive in comparison to their size. I don't mean this from a "you really should as they sound so much larger than they are, therefore, enabling you to purchase small speakers that do what large speakers do" point of view, they don't. I mean this from the huge, room filling picture they paint, with real world depth to the landscape that they really should have no right to at this size. Something about the purity of the Dynaudio Heritage Special crossover point, the way the two drivers blend gives a very realistic, time coherent midband that I'm yet to hear in another stand mount.

If you could imagine a Special Forty crashing into a Confidence 20, aging by 20+ years and somehow coming out the other end, the Heritage Special would be the result.

Dynaudio Heritage Special front grill

For reference we're using Hegel H390 and sources are Tidal Airplay plus Pro-Ject RPM10 (Ortofon 2M bronze)

Over the coming weeks we'll be leaving them on their stands (we're using Dynaudio Stand 6) and they'll be subject to various different levels of kit. We'll report back on our Youtube channel in good time. The Speakers have an optional adapter plate for the Dynaudio Stand 20 to get a real bolt-on fit.

These are available now. If you can't wait until 2nd December we can safely get them to you so buy confidently. Click to buy rules have been relaxed until the end of the national lockdown. If you would like to wait we are happy to demonstrate a set to you in our Hampshire store or at home. As always we are happy to discuss options so please, feel free to contact us - 01489 877987

Finally, from Dyanudio - 

It’s been a labour of love for our R&D, production and marketing teams,” says Otto Jørgensen, Dynaudio’s Director of Product Management. “Our initial listening session with the first playing pair of Heritage Specials was meant to last 20 minutes. It ended more than two hours later. I think that says everything you need to know about these speakers.

We absolutely love them.