Better late than never right?

Audi MK2 Garage

Matty's killer Audi TT had been planned to come through our doors since early winter, awaiting the delivery of his Ipad mini we opened a "flexible" booking ready to start as soon as it arrived. Well it arrived, albeit slightly later, as between us we chose to hold out for the sim/3g/4g enabled device as opposed to the WIFI only option that came slightly earlier, which without tethering would allow for much better functionality on the move. So with the Ipad mini in hand Matty made the 3 1/2 hour trip down to leave the TT in our hands for a pretty special installation.

Audi MK2 Interior

The first hurdle, getting it in the work shop! Now we aren't shy of a low car around here but this particular car caused a few snag's, our extended ramps (specifically for lowered machinery) weren't even upto the task. Come to think about it, we've never had a StillStatic car through the doors that hasn't caused an issue!! Possibly the lowest static mk2 TT in the world? Either way, we got it in and set about work.

The equipment chosen for the job were an Audison SR4 4 channel amplifier, Audison AV10 Voce subwoofer and at the heart of the system an Audison Bit One processor. All of our Ipad installations uses an Audison Bit product for signal channelling and sound control purposes. The possibilities with the Bit One and Ipad combined are quite mind blowing.

The Bit One processor takes a signal from the Ipad in optical digital format for the least possible signal degradation and then feeds the amplifier its signals needed to run all of the speakers on the system. In this case a conventional "3 speaker" (a stereo pair and a subwoofer) system. Before it does this however we can digitally align each speaker in the system in terms of time alignment and control pretty much any individual speaker in the car can do. A number of our own pro tuning steps were made and the results were fantastic.

Audison Boot Fabrication

The "DRC" dedicated remote for the Bit One was mounted in the drivers door for that "hands falls onto it" feel. It works very well indeed and fits right in with the easy OE theme of the install itself. This was also Matty's preference so we had to deliver.

Audison DRC Fabrication

This done, it was time to make the Ipad fit the car. Whatever we did naturally needed to be as easy to un-install as it was to install. We made a "wallet" for the Ipad to fit in, which could be either carried with the Ipad or left in the car when the Ipad was in the house being updated rather than cloud updating. All sides were trimmed in Alcantara to limit any premature wear on the device itself.

iPad Custom Holder

This fits into the dashboard as per the oe headunit.

Matty is over the moon, because of this so are we. The possibilities are endless with this set up, Internet, high def on the move, nav, all your music, obd bluetooth dashboards, air ride controllers, you name it. It makes perfect sense, hence why we are always at the forefront of this type of installation, with our demo last year having the first Ipad 3, this one being possibly the first done properly in the UK as we know a good thing when we see one. Enough from us, hopefully all questions are answered, we choose to not disclose everything about our installations but if there's something we can answer then go for it.

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Thanks for reading, Studio Incar. Photos, credit to our good friend Nick Williams of NWVT.Co.Uk