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Sony XS-GS1 - High Resolution Super Tweeters


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Bring your music to life with the XS-GS1 super tweeters

The XS-GS1 super tweeters’ unique dashboard positioning reflects sound off your car’s windshield, flawlessly reproducing ultra-high frequencies across a much wider area than conventional super tweeters. From MP3s through to your favourite High-Resolution Audio files, you’ll be able to unlock the full potential of every track and fill your car with truly outstanding audio.


Wide dispersion

The soft dome diaphragm disperses sound across a wide area, achieving better coverage for the whole car.

Hit the high notes

The XS-GS1s are designed to cover your music’s ultra-high ends, with a frequency range extending past 50 kHz.

Front-facing design

Experience consistent audio quality from an innovative front-facing design.

Fill your car with outstanding audio

Enjoy improved audio fidelity throughout the whole car. Wide dispersion technologies deliver refined sound reproduction over a greater listening area, so you can immerse yourself completely and hear the true detail of every track – wherever you’re sitting.

Unique front-facing design delivers consistent sound quality

The XS-GS1s’ innovative front-facing design achieves wider dispersion than conventional super tweeters. This means that sound reaches the ears of all passengers radially, for consistently high audio quality throughout the car.

Stable frequencies past 50 kHz

Take your high frequencies higher. The XS-GS1s can maintain a smooth frequency response past 50 kHz, giving you a wider range of stable ultra-highs.

Soft dome diaphragm

Enjoy true-to-source High-Resolution Audio sound reproduction with a 2.5cm (1”) soft dome diaphragm.

Smooth slope baffle

Hear more of every track thanks to a smooth slope design, optimised for wider dispersion.


Widely opened grille nets allow maximum sound radiation for clear, versatile audio.

Where outstanding sound meets exceptional design

Our XS-GS1 super tweeters deliver pitch-perfect high-end sound reproduction. From the 2.5cm soft dome diaphragm to the front-facing smooth slope baffle, every aspect has been precision-engineered to accurately reproduce supreme highs for ultimate in-car listening enjoyment.

Find the perfect setup with flexible mounting options

Utilise various mounting options to set up the optimal trajectory for your sound. Choose from an angle, flat, or flash mount depending on the angle between your dash and windshield.


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Soft Dome Diaphragm

Sony XS-GS1 - User Manual

Sony XS-GS1 - High Resolution Super Tweeters