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JL Audio C7 Speaker Installation

JL Audio Car and Home Audio

JL Audio is an independent, privately-held U.S. company active in the Home, Mobile, Powersports and Marine Audio markets. JL Audio focus on delivering unique engineering, superior quality and high-performance audio to customers around the world. Behind all their efforts is a strong belief that great audio has real value, and that customers can ‘tell the difference’.

Throughout JL Audio you will find people who love audio, take it very seriously and consider themselves fortunate to have a career in such an enjoyable field. True “audio nuts” can be found around every corner of JL Audio’s facilities in Miramar, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona. They include former audio retailers, IASCA World Champions, installers, recording engineers, and an engineering staff with vast experience in professional, car and home audio product design.

JL Audio at Studio Incar

JL Audio, the legendary builders of subwoofers. A firm favourite of ours when it comes to bass. Whether you choose from our home cinema lines for Hifi/Home cinema or whether you choose to use JL Audio car audio subwoofers the experience should be nothing short of spectacular. These guys really know what they're doing. They have a history of keeping their lines running fro a long time (20+ years in some cases!) so you'll never find your system outdated by the latest trends. It means a lot to us when brands are so confident in their products, this gives us confidence when it comes to dealing with our clients. 
We've installed JL Audio equipment in many vehicles over the years. Here are a few examples in our YouTube videos.

JL Audio Home Subwoofers

JL Audio is known primarily for their industry-leading subwoofer at home or in-car. The JL Audio Home Subwoofer range starts from the Dominion d108 all the way up to the range topping and award winning Gotham g213v2.

JL Audio Sub Boxes

Known as one of the earliest pioneers of high-end car audio in the early 80's, JL Audio has always held prime spot towards the top of the bass realm. Today, JL Audio have an incredible reputation with pre-built passive and active sub boxes. We often use them in place of custom fabrication as their standard is just so high we often can't improve it.

JL Audio Subwoofers

JL Audio make car audio sub-boxes at a world class level, but at their core are the component subwoofer speakers themselves. Often product lines are running for over a decade. That could be considered laziness, but in reality, it's because they often hit it out of the park first time and rarely have to revist the drawing board.

JL Audio Amplifiers

JL Audio first entered the car audio electronics market in 2000, with the Slash series of amplifiers. Over time they refined their designs and brought out new models, which has culminated on the VXi series amplifiers with DSP technology.

JL Audio Speakers

JL Audio made their first component speaker in 1992, several years after succesfully building subwoofers. Strating with the CS-1 JL Audio constantly tweaked and re-designed their speakers over the years. Although not necessarily known for their component speakers they are well respected here at Studio Incar.
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